3.785 Litres

Our first day in Amsterdam, I approach the counter to order my coffee:

-May I have a latte?
-This may be a silly question, but do you have lowfat milk?
-What do you mean? For your coffee?
– Yes. I usually order my lattes with lowfat milk, but I don’t think they have that here.
-No, we don’t have that.
-OK, no problem.
-Why do you want that? You don’t want foam?
-No. We do that because the lattes in the states are the size of a gallon of milk, and I don’t want to get fat.
-Ah. How much is a gallon?

My First Podcast

I recorded a podcast with Megan Morrone and Leo Laporte when Hank was about eight weeks old, and they just posted it as part of their new show, Jumping Monkeys, on the Twit TV network.

Listening to the recording was a trip, because I was so exhausted when we talked that I had almost no recollection of the conversation. I was terrified to hit the play button, because all I remembered saying was that Hank was lulled to sleep by the sound of pubs. “Hello everyone! I’m a new parent, and I enjoy taking my kid to bars!” This is true, of course, but maybe it’s not what I’d have closed with had I been a little more on my game.

Anyway, have a listen. The interview starts a little ways into the show after some site recommendations from Megan.


We head back to Amsterdam Tuesday. On our last visit I was oblivious to my new state of pregnancy, which made me very moody (you may recall the Midget Busker Incident). I’m hoping the entire city won’t seem so vaguely uncomfortable this time around. Of course, this time we’ll have a baby with us, so perhaps that’s wishful thinking. Speaking of which, comments on taking international flights with infants and “Amsterdam with a baby” ideas would be much appreciated.

The Bay Area Outerware Society

Me: I love her coat. Love it.
Bryan: Wow, you really love that coat.
Me: (Various kissing sounds.)
Bryan: If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?
Me: Maybe I will. Maybe I will take her coat as my lawful wedded spouse.
Bryan: Why don’t you go hump it?
Me: She would object.
Bryan: You’re making an assumption there.
Me: True. This is San Francisco, probably coat humping is a thing. Probably there’s a coat-humping community.
Bryan: They have coat-humping parties.
Me: We’re out of the loop.