19 thoughts on “Superstah

  1. a cup of tea

    Excellent. We’re planning to drive up to San Francisco after a wedding out on your coast in September; I was going to look to you for “where to shop” advice. This is a great start!

    Now I just need to find a good foodie blog for restaurant recommendations…

  2. BOSSY

    You’re reaping quite a bit of this Star attention lately, no? Which reminds Bossy of herself, because Bossy is featured on the cover of all the greatest magazines! Right on the subscription tag.

  3. Lori

    Nice profile — and even nicer photo. :) I have one question, though: What neighborhood is NoPa? That’s a new one on me, which is probably an indication that I’ve been away from SF for too long!

  4. kimberly

    Great picture! It’s been so long that I lived in SF that I had no idea where NoPa was, but then I looked it up and realized I lived in NoPa before it had the cool abreviation. I missed out.

  5. shuna fish lydon

    O! O! O! I am so so glad you wrote about the CandyStore! I love them. It’s a fab place for gifts or fun browsing. They’ve done a great job with the space. (I remember when stores in Hayes Valley used to look like that…)

  6. Melissa

    What a great pic! And that site makes me wish I was in San Fran right now. I just bought that same teapot, by the way. We have great taste!

  7. Pete Dunn

    I love how they keep mentioning Time Magazine. As if to say, “have YOU ever been a top 50 anything?”

    Seriously though, nice write-up. Will you take my wife shopping?

  8. Meg

    De lurking to say, YAY, I’m moving to SF next month, and now I don’t have to worry about finding a cool hair place. And you do have the best teapot. I drink my tea out of the same one each morning. And, wow, what a great picture!

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