You Don’t Want to See Those Results

6th June 2007

Me: Oh man, have you seen that You Tube video with the little kid who’s freaking out because he thinks his baby sister is hurt?
Ev: No.
Me: It’s so hilarious and sweet. You have to see it.
Ev: (walks over to desktop)
Me: OK, how will we find it? Search for like, “baby” and “blood.”
Ev: (furrows brow, fingers poised over keyboard)
Me: My bad. Better add in “not funny.”

17 thoughts on “You Don’t Want to See Those Results

  1. Tracy27

    Excellent quote for the next time I cut myself making dinner and my husband laughs at me. “Blood! Not funny!”

  2. Nelle

    I had the exact same thing happen when I was trying to get a friend to look up this video – “You want me to search for WHAT?!” Remembering Not Funny would have helped a lot. This is teary laughter material to be sure!

  3. Sophie

    Why is that funny? I thought that was really sad, and painful to watch. That little kid is CLEARLY worried and at his age he must be used to being misunderstood, so he’s using everything he’s got to pronounce the word clearly so his dad will know the baby needs *help* and his fucking dad just keeps filming. He doesn’t explain or assure him that the baby is fine… So the child gets more and more frantic. It must be like one of those nightmares to him, when something bad is happening and you can’t make anyone understand. And the adults just think it’s funny. Even when he gets REALLY upset about being laughed at (because who in his right mind would think a hurt baby is funny?) they just keep laughing.

    And then they put the whole thing up on YouTube. Just in case they haven’t made him feel helpless enough and powerless enough and humiliated enough and stupid enough. Now they’ve managed to mock and ridicule him in front of everyone he knows. Hahaha.

    I’ll bet by the time that little boy is five or six they’ll have bullied all the kindness and compassion right out of him and he’ll be just as big a jerk as his father.

  4. scott

    I’m with Sophie. Maybe its because I’m a parent.. but I felt badly for the kid who was clearly upset. I think a “it’s okay, the baby’s not hurt” would have been a nice comment from Dad there.

    I like it when my oldest looks after my youngest..

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