20 thoughts on “Hank Has Jetlag

  1. amanda

    Might this not be the perfect opportunity to strap dear Hank on to your chest and steal away into the night to take magnificent pictures of the Amsterdam underworld?

  2. steph

    wow – you must have applied for his passport while he was still in utero to have gotten it already… And BTW I am very impressed that you guys are so good at this parenthood thing that you’re willing to try an international vacation with him. I want to be like that, but I’m skeerd!

  3. Vivien

    Ah yes, who forgot to mention jetlag…. Apparently for every hours’ difference, it takes babies a day to recover. Enjoy!

  4. jessica

    you think 330 is bad? Wait until 630am, when the bars have kicked out the stumbling drunk, and the prostitutes don’t NEED to look good. Oy!

  5. Melanie

    Perhaps he’s trying to hint that he needs to go the Red Light District. Maybe one set of breasts to feed from is just not enough for him. You could have a mini-Hef on your hands…

  6. Meegan

    If you figure out any magic tricks or have any fabulous suggestions regarding international travel with an infant? I’d love to hear them. My husband and I leave for France w/ our 10 month old in tow in a week and a half. I’m freaking out. Seriously. Freaking. Like, what kind of diapers will they have in France? And wipes? And what will she eat? She loves fruit? Do they have lots of fruit? I’m so clueless. And terrified. Did I mention that? Flipping terrified.

  7. marrije

    Meegan, don’t worry about France! They’re very good for their babies, have great supermarkets and they’re positively awash in all sorts of fruit. Are you going to a city or to the country?

    Anyway, in both cases I’d recommend asking the advice of any middle-aged lady who looks halfway friendly – I find they will go out of their way to help you find pharmacies or supermarkets or explain to the barman why you need a bit of body-temperature water like, right now.

    I live in Holland (and I saw Hank!! Yay!), but I treasure my memories of traveling in France with an 6-month old.

  8. Meegan

    Marrije, thank you! I feel so much better. We’re actually going to France to see friends from Amsterdam. They have a summer home there. I know we’ll be fine when we’re with them, but when we’re on our own (and we are taking several side trips all around St. Tropez, Cannes, St. Remy…) well, that’s when I get worried. The friends have kids, thank G.O.D. So that already puts us at an advantage. But I feel a lot better after reading your email! Thanks again.

  9. Auntie R

    Hi Kids! We also just got from Europe..Portugal, Spain, France & Italy. The difference is I could sleep when I got back. Try telling the baby you’d rather sleep! Can’t wait to see the little guy! He’s so darn cute! Will you be back by the 4th of July? I need to teach Hank to swim!

  10. Marie

    We just took our toddler to Hawaii — and the solution to 3 am ready to party time — was to a. see if there was a cartoon, infomerial, anything to watch on tv that would distract b. show him it was dark out & we need to sleep then when it’s 6am and you are all still awake, go for a walk. 3 days and he’ll be in the new zone. Coming home was a bugger though. arg.

  11. Amy

    Was in Amsterdam for the first time this past April. Envious and look forward to hearing about your trip. I was visiting my sister who showed us around with her 5 and 5 month old. It can be done!

  12. Amy

    I remember our first night in London when Quinn was five months old. Miserable. I think he finally fell asleep around 4 a.m. Oh how I was cursing the nap he & I had taken after arriving that afternoon.

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