My First Podcast

11th June 2007

I recorded a podcast with Megan Morrone and Leo Laporte when Hank was about eight weeks old, and they just posted it as part of their new show, Jumping Monkeys, on the Twit TV network.

Listening to the recording was a trip, because I was so exhausted when we talked that I had almost no recollection of the conversation. I was terrified to hit the play button, because all I remembered saying was that Hank was lulled to sleep by the sound of pubs. “Hello everyone! I’m a new parent, and I enjoy taking my kid to bars!” This is true, of course, but maybe it’s not what I’d have closed with had I been a little more on my game.

Anyway, have a listen. The interview starts a little ways into the show after some site recommendations from Megan.

16 thoughts on “My First Podcast

  1. BOSSY

    Interviews, articles, podcasts – Bossy can barely keep up with your busy schedule. It sort of makes her nappish. Of course most everything does.

  2. Stacy Cutinella

    Your voice doesn’t sound like what I expected. But don’t want to dis you, my recorded voice freaks me out. I found you through Dooce.

  3. Melanie

    You sounded so cute – sort of Valley Girl (but in a good way, if that’s possible) at times. Which I happen to love. No shame in pub sounds – “Newcastle Brown Ale” was one of the first phrases my son learned to read.

  4. Melissa

    Listened to it. Loved it. And I thought you were charming despite any baby haze – It wasn’t obvious! I did have a bit of a problem with Leo. A tad negative, No? I thought you handled the situation like the pro that you are. Go Mama.

  5. Dien Jackson

    I loved the podcast, found out about the rest of your sites from Jumping Monkey’s. At least you were honest about things and didn’t try to “candy-coat” things the podcast was great!!!!!

  6. Andrea

    I’ve been reading for a quite a while and it was great to hear you on the podcast! Great job, no babbling, ums, or awkward pauses. Super!

  7. Meg

    Oh! You have a very “This American Life” voice, I think. It’s somehow so strange to hear the voice of someone who’s blog you read regularly. It’s shocking! Somehow! That’s my overly punctuated thought.
    Also the etiquette book would be wonderful. I have a deep love of Miss Manners for her wit and sensibility, and I think you would be similarly brilliant.

  8. jks

    I have to ask – what sites do you read other than Finslippy, Fussy, Dooce and Suburban Bliss and your blogroll? I noticed your links on Jumping Monkeys and what you’ve mentioned mostly in podcasts and radio.

    I don’t mean this in any way disrespectful, but we *all* read those sites, and it’s hard to imagine a blogger/reader of blogs who doesn’t. It would be nice to see other people pimped, as there are so many great writers out there who are worthy of recognition, and you have a lot of influence. Recommending your friends time and time again seems needlessly insular.

    You’ve done so much for small companies on MightyGoods – why not do the same for other bloggers?

  9. Gabby

    I agree, your voice sounded nothing like what I expected. Isn’t it weird how we can assume how someone will sound by looking at their face? Now I’m wishing all the bloggers would do podcasts…or maybe just read from the phonebook and post it. :)

  10. Shannon

    I just listened to the pod cast and loved every second of it. Leo’s so funny every time anyone mentions a website he’s on the site in a split second. I just wanted to tell you I really admire you I live in Orange County and work from home with my 10 Month son Jackson and it is hard to have the time to get out with friends because it take 30 minutes longer on a good day to leave the house. But we love the internet and communicate via internet everyday…Keep up the good work and I swear one day the spelling will come back I hope :() Also my son still falls asleep at any restaurant/pub thats loud and busy you should market that and kick those prissy mom on there buts..

  11. Paolo

    It was a nice podcast! You sounded like a real PRO and very natural. Oh! You just got a new reader from Asia. Started reading your blog, and I’m hook!

  12. candy

    the sound of a pub makes me sleepy sometimes too. you just have to use what works for you, damn what people say! i’d say as long as you aren’t dancing on the bar with a drink in your hand while slurring the words to “mony mony”, i think you’re ok.

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