We head back to Amsterdam Tuesday. On our last visit I was oblivious to my new state of pregnancy, which made me very moody (you may recall the Midget Busker Incident). I’m hoping the entire city won’t seem so vaguely uncomfortable this time around. Of course, this time we’ll have a baby with us, so perhaps that’s wishful thinking. Speaking of which, comments on taking international flights with infants and “Amsterdam with a baby” ideas would be much appreciated.

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  1. Yay that you are coming to Amsterdam! I’m going to attend the Adaptive Path shindig (all 4 days) and maybe I’m going to see the internet superstar baby there!


  2. Lots of good advice above. I second that you don’t need to drug your child! Nurse or provide something to suck on during takeoff and landing, but yeah … no need to wake a sleeping baby.

    Also, a sling or a wrap will be a lifesaver for you. As long as there isn’t any metal on it, you can walk right through security without removing the baby. That eliminates a major hassle.

    I am normally an advocate of not using the dvd player on road trips, etc. But on my last flight I was really happy to have it with. At one point my daughter was really fussy and we popped in Baby Signing Time (the only thing she’ll ever actually watch on tv and she loves it because it’s full of babies and kids). We turned the sound down very low and it settled her quite nicely.


  3. Here’s what’s crazy: he will need a passport. I’m sure you already have one for him, but I am lagging on getting one for my daughter because I am totally annoyed that if I’d taken her abroad in 2006, we wouldn’t have needed one, and now it takes 10 weeks to get one EXPEDITED.

    Other than that, all the moms who travel with me to Korea and back nurse their babies, snag rows with multiple empty seats when there is one, and use the bulkhead bassinet hook ups. I fly a lot, and babies/toddlers do not bother me. They tend to sleep when you score tickets around their regularl sleep schedule (if you are lucky enough to have a regularly scheduled sleeper.)

    Have a great trip!


  4. Maggie, I guess you are probably in Amsterdam by now. If you happen to run out of baby clothes, be sure to run to the nearest HEMA (can’t miss them, any Amsterdammer can direct you swiftly to the nearest one) – they have excellent, simple, affordable clothes, particularly in Hank’s demographic bracket.

    My kids are now 6 and 10 and I still pine for HEMA baby clothes…


  5. Maggie, I don’t know anything about traveling with babies. But I can give you some advice about shopping in Amsterdam (for kids). Keet in Huis ( example is a great store for kids clothing, furniture and toys. They have a very stylish collection. Please let me know if you’d like to have more great shopping tips. I am more than happy to help out. Have a great time in Amsterdam!


  6. first of all, take your strolle to the airport and don’t check it until you get to the gate. it’s really hard to get through the airport with a baby if you’re carrying all the stuff and the baby too. also, at most drug stores, they have ear plugs called ‘ear planes’ and they come in adult and child sizes. they will help with the ears popping during ascent/descent. since they limit liquids, and sometimes when ears hurt the kids won’t take a bottle or breast bring lots of LOLLIPOPS! get the kind w/safety string – easier for little hands to hold and safer. i know giving an infant sweets is normally a no-no but desperate times call for desperate measures and if a kid has never had (or only seldom has had) candy it will completely take their mind off the pain, even if just for a few moments. bring or wear an extra shirt if you can for yourself in addition to plenty of extra clothes for baby. murphy’s law dictates if you bring yourself something to change into you won’t be barfed on…but if you don’t you are guaranteed a barf fest. i learned that the hard way. travelling ALONE with 2 kids under age 3. banana baby food, grape juice and cheerios smell much nicer going in than they do coming out.


  7. Well, I’m not parent, so I don’t have any advice on traveling with babies…yet. 🙂
    BUT, my Mother is from The Netherlands and I love visiting the old country. Amsterdam is just marvelous, so many beautiful flowers and delicious foods.

    I also have one of the most common forms of dwarfism called achondroplasia.

    “Midget” isn’t a nice term to use, in fact it’s offensive. It was a term coined by P.T. Barnum to describe General Tom Thumb around the turn of the century.

    It would be nice if you bestowed the same type of open understanding to people with dwarfism, that you show to other minorities you support. We don’t like being mocked, discriminated or made fun of either. We’re just like everyone else.

    Have a great trip! Hank is just adorable. 🙂


  8. Hi Jennifer, thank you for being so kind about my ignorance here. Do you mind if I ask what the preferred noun is? I thought it was “little person,” but then someone told me that was more offensive. Do preferences vary from person to person?


  9. 2 major issues with flying with babies.
    1) make sure that they arent tired/overwhelmed before the flight.
    2) have something around that they can drink/suck. the swallowing helps release the pressure on the ears.
    I just flew a number of times with my twins.


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