Yes Hans, I Totally Do

In the lobby of the Felix Meritis in Amsterdam:

“There are no trusted wireless networks here, do you want to join HANSNET?”

6 thoughts on “Yes Hans, I Totally Do

  1. I would totally join HANSNET just so I could say I was a member of HANSNET.


  2. Except, of course, to brag about being a part of HANSNET when you are trying to impress a woman in a smoke filled, dimly lit bar near the docks. Possibly if you are trying to get in your mother’s good graces after you got caught having sex with her best friends daughter at a wedding, it might be permissable to say something along the lines of, “But Mom, I am a member of HANSNET.” Right? Because if not, I am so in trouble for talking about HANSNET.


  3. HANSNET sounds like a secret government agency. Like the way cooler CIA. Hopefully your mission, should you choose to accept it, won’t be too dangerous.


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