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Nov 26 2008


Nov 25 2008

Holiday Pajamas

How cute is this cowboy pattern? I think we may have found Hank’s Christmas jammies. These are part of a pajama roundup I just did for Target, go have a look.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, there are more pjs in the roundup we just posted on Mighty Goods too.

Nov 25 2008

Moms Gone Wild

I’ve been making videos with a bunch of other moms. We roll around in hot oil, and then talk about Thanksgiving:

We also talk about ways to punish our partners when they disagree with us:

All right, I kid. It’s us in twin-sets, knitting and drinking tea.

Heather, Alice, and I did do a few segments with our tops off, but they edited them out. Stupids.

(I posted this yesterday, but accidentally deleted it, so a few comments are missing. I’m sorry if yours was one of them, because I think you’re nice.)

Nov 20 2008

Spoiling the Surprise

This is what I’m getting everyone for Christmas.

Nov 19 2008

Overheard: How Kind of You to Say

Scenario: French coffee shop owner at French cafe realizes American customer’s wife is also French.

Owner: Your wife is French?
Customer: Yep.
Owner: No kidding!
Customer: Yep.
Owner: How long since you’ve been back to France?
Customer: I don’t enjoy France.
Owner: Oh…
Customer: Yeah, I don’t like France at all.

Nov 18 2008

Narrative Arc

Embroidered text messages received over a one year period.

via kirtsy

Nov 14 2008

Tea Light Shelf How To

Remember that Apartment Therapy House Call I did a while ago? I forgot to tell you something kind of cool about the photo above.

The little votive shelves in the hallway are handmade. I went to a hardware store and bought some flat metal plates (I think they were mini circuit boards? Not sure.), and some metal L-brackets with holes for screws. I glued them together with epoxy, let them dry overnight, and screwed them into the wall.

Because we live in earthquake country, I affixed the Ikea votives to my mini-shelves with double-sided foam poster tape. All together though, each shelf, including the votive, only cost me about 90 cents.

We took them down recently, because hard metal edges and low flame aren’t particularly toddler friendly, but I loved them while we had them. They were gorgeous all lit up.