Moms Gone Wild

25th November 2008

I’ve been making videos with a bunch of other moms. We roll around in hot oil, and then talk about Thanksgiving:

We also talk about ways to punish our partners when they disagree with us:

All right, I kid. It’s us in twin-sets, knitting and drinking tea.

Heather, Alice, and I did do a few segments with our tops off, but they edited them out. Stupids.

(I posted this yesterday, but accidentally deleted it, so a few comments are missing. I’m sorry if yours was one of them, because I think you’re nice.)

8 thoughts on “Moms Gone Wild

  1. Satan

    You guys crack me up! Completely over-analyze everything – your kids are still little – just wait til the real fun starts! Wow, will you realize how little that you don’t know… also, Maggie is hot.

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