55 thoughts on “Spoiling the Surprise

  1. Syd

    Ha, I clicked over from my RSS reader to see if anyone was going to mention that the gift looked like…well, what it is. Very nice. Well done.

  2. stef

    my boyfriend tilting his head, looking at the picture: “why would anyone wear a pair of lips with a cold sore… ooohhh!”

  3. cmom

    Are the outer lips supposed to be red too, because if they are then there is something wrong with me… just sayin…

  4. Vicky

    I have a magnet that is very similar on the side of my drafting table. It used to live on my fridge but my husband asked me to move it. :)

  5. Heather-in-Australia

    Tired of wearing her heart on her sleeve, Maggie decided it was time for a c*nt on her collar ;).

  6. Puanani

    Oh, my! I love it. I also dry felt and as a rule, tend to felt rebellious type items. I must admit though, I have never ventured into this region…
    However, the link led me to the artist’s other work. The bee pendant with the real bee and real bit of hive; out of this world. It is time to tend to our bee shortage!

  7. Mrs. Tiggywinkle

    Owning a pin like that would just Tickle my Fancy! I would have to think Long and Hard about wearing one to Church, tho.

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  9. amanda

    Boy, this takes me back to elementary school and the dear friend whose mom made naked ass magnets with panty hose. So many crack upon the fridge, it touches you.

  10. Bradlley Tee

    You know the funniest thing about this cute little gift idea is it’s universal potential. I would bet a majority share of the viewers of this item would have to think twice about it’s reality. I mean put it on it’s side and pucker up baby! So I guess it’s the gift that gives a little something to everyone.

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