Overheard: How Kind of You to Say

19th November 2008

Scenario: French coffee shop owner at French cafe realizes American customer’s wife is also French.

Owner: Your wife is French?
Customer: Yep.
Owner: No kidding!
Customer: Yep.
Owner: How long since you’ve been back to France?
Customer: I don’t enjoy France.
Owner: Oh…
Customer: Yeah, I don’t like France at all.

19 thoughts on “Overheard: How Kind of You to Say

  1. Spring

    My God, just reading this post has me craving that quiche I had at a bakery in Paris last September like crazy.

    How could he not like France?! The quiche alone is worth the 10-hour flight!

  2. BaxAxoliRal

    Надо почаще бывать на вашем блоге)) интересно

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