Holiday Pajamas

25th November 2008

How cute is this cowboy pattern? I think we may have found Hank’s Christmas jammies. These are part of a pajama roundup I just did for Target, go have a look.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, there are more pjs in the roundup we just posted on Mighty Goods too.

8 thoughts on “Holiday Pajamas

  1. Robin

    I think this pattern is so adorable. I found a lighter set of summer PJs, knit pants & short sleeve top, in this print, which I got on clearance for dead cheap this fall. Gotta love Target!

  2. Jordan

    My mom has a set of sheets very similar to that pattern. My dad fancies himself a cowboy (he does wear boots and Wranglers on a daily basis). My mom also has an impressive collection of flannel pjs in various prints. She’s easy to shop for this time of year.

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  5. kelly

    When my mom was growing up, my grandmother gave them new pjs every Christmas Eve. She kept that up until she died in her 90s, and now the tradition is in its third generation. Jammies equal love!

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