10 Little Black Dresses for Under $40

13th November 2008

My lord, I love Target. I just did a post for them on all the affordable little black dresses they have on offer. A couple of them have sold out since I posted, but here are three of my favorites that are still available:

Neck Pleat Dress

Flocked Strapless Dress

Embroidered Lace Dress

9 thoughts on “10 Little Black Dresses for Under $40

  1. hi kooky

    Fabulous! I have to admit, I’m of the shrimpy persuasion (5’0 on a good day), so quite often regular women’s sizes don’t fit me well. These dresses (and prices) are so inspiring, though, that I may have to go have a try-on session (assuming they carry these in store). Thanks!

  2. Cookie

    I live in Canada and I miss Target SOOO much. But I’m going to the States for a week starting Saturday, so I may pick up the embroidered lace dress. Thanks for the tip!

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