Tea Light Shelf How To

Remember that Apartment Therapy House Call I did a while ago? I forgot to tell you something kind of cool about the photo above.

The little votive shelves in the hallway are handmade. I went to a hardware store and bought some flat metal plates (I think they were mini circuit boards? Not sure.), and some metal L-brackets with holes for screws. I glued them together with epoxy, let them dry overnight, and screwed them into the wall.

Because we live in earthquake country, I affixed the Ikea votives to my mini-shelves with double-sided foam poster tape. All together though, each shelf, including the votive, only cost me about 90 cents.

We took them down recently, because hard metal edges and low flame aren’t particularly toddler friendly, but I loved them while we had them. They were gorgeous all lit up.

20 thoughts on “Tea Light Shelf How To

  1. that looks beautiful! do you have any advice on what method or materials to use when patching up the screw holes after you took the brackets down?

    i would love to affix more things to my walls but i have no idea how to repair the wall after…did you have to paint the whole wall?



  2. Lovely idea!
    Too bad you had to take them down.
    Couldn’t you have just removed the lowest ones? and work your way up as the kids grow? 🙂


  3. Ha, that’s so funny. When I saw, I thought “Wow, that’s pretty, but Carina would hit her head and pull the candles out all the time.” Maybe when she’s a teenager.


  4. Such a perfect and girlie idea! 90 cents will not break my budget, will make me smile and remind me to feel zenlike. Could we also add white lights to the mix?


  5. Too funny, about the toddlers… We have 6 year old twins, and there is nothing romantic about our house- zero… I remember my friend sending me a photo of these great lamps she got and she was pregnant with her first son… I said something to the effect that the cool “tassle lamps” were going to have to go… She was totally unappreciative. People don’t really get it until they have kids. Good thing, of course! You should come up with a kid friendly version of this, with the new “battery operated votives”… Foam shelves, or something…


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