Mighty Life List
Mar 28 2008

100 Things Worth Doing, Part IV

The last of the things I’m glad I did, numbers 76-100:

76. Hummingbirds busy over Bryan’s shoulder at my 28th birthday breakfast.
77. Up on stage with everyone else to play air guitar after the championship competition had ended.
78. Playing Island of the Blue Dolphins using all the kitchen bowls to collect poisonous berries
79. Warm bottle in hand, Hank’s tiny head tucked under my chin
80. Dad telling me to reach into his jacket pocket, and finding a puppy inside
81. Stringing necklaces with mom at a big table in the sunshine.
82. Finally learning to swim because my sister bribed me with Ritz crackers.
83. Toilet papering Chris Parson’s backyard on Sunday morning when we knew he was away at church.
84. The smell of hardcover books and steam heat in the library.
85. Roadtrip games of Choose with smart friends
86. Back of our pickup truck, holding a warm donut, legs buried under freshly folded newspapers.
87. My first kiss: after the slow dance ended, just above my right cheekbone, on the soft skin beneath my eye.
88. Dancing drunkenly on the bed in PJs at the Ace.
89. Wrangling a litter of kittens in the playhouse in Julie Tucker’s backyard
90. Crying to gospel music
91. Running classified ads through the waxing machine
92. Collecting shells on a beach where even the smallest grain of sand was actually a shell, in Jamaica
93. Cheese board and a glass of wine on the patio at the San Jose in Austin
94. Freshly shaved legs and clean sheets
95. Spinning on the tall stools at Grandma’s tiki bar in her living room
96. Learning the chocolate chip cookie recipe by heart.
97. Kettle corn at the flea market in a sun hat
98. Sneaking to 7-11 after school to buy candy on my way home
99. Collecting lady bugs in jars to release in the garden
100. Backseat of the VW bus, legs sticking to the vinyl seats in the heat, Jim Croce tape

If you haven’t done this yet, it’s awfully fun. Add a few of yours in comments.

Mar 27 2008


People jumping on beds in hotels.

Three-year-old Mo Kin playing the xylophone.

Mar 26 2008

April Fools and Picnic Guides

If you haven’t seen them yet, there’s an April Fool’s Day Guide up over at Mighty Junior, and a Perfect Picnic Guide on Mighty Goods. If it’s still snowing where you are, I offer my condolences. Crank the heat, pull on a sun dress, and spread your picnic blanket in your living room.

Mar 26 2008

Step Right Up

An abandoned ferris wheel from Chippewa Lake amusement park, and a photo set of the big dipper by the same photographer. And here’s a brief video with before and after shots of the same park.

Mar 25 2008

100 Things Worth Doing, Part III

More scenes I hope to see as my life flashes before my eyes, numbers 51-75:

51. Waking from a dream that was entirely in Spanish.
52. Plane ride back to California with a New York cheesecake on my lap
53. Bryan pulling a tablecloth from a dry bag on our surprise kayak camping trip
54. Answering a roommate ad to find one of the few friendly faces from 7th grade
55. Backyard picnic in my cap and gown, babies splashing in the plastic pool
56. Pulling a keg across San Francisco dressed as a plumber
57. Donning the newspaper crown for my editor photo
58. Making mud pies next to the Iris while mom weeded the bed
59. Pregnant in the bathtub, watching the baby roll over inside me
60. “What do you do?” “…I’m a writer.”
61. Climbing the pine tree in my PJs in the dark
62. Ordering the sushi myself
63. Karaoke in the living room until 4 a.m.
64. Me chewing on sour grass, the dog chewing at my shoelace knot
65. After an hour-long hunt, and countless “can I help yous,” finally figuring out where they keep the condoms
66. Breakfast by the campfire, fresh blackberries and cream
67. Lincoln Memorial at midnight
68. Christmas tree bonfire on the beach
69. Adirondack chairs on the lawn overlooking the lake, blanket over my legs
70. Swing dancing in the Music Concourse on Sunday afternoons
71. My first and only shot of whiskey in the Stanford dorms
72. Seeing a live cassowary
73. Homemade spaghetti and sourdough bread
74. Taking the train into the city after work
75. Having a single key on my key ring

As always, add a few of yours in comments if you haven’t already.

Mar 24 2008

Easter Cakes Baked in Egg Shells


For Easter, I decided I wanted to make these awesome cakes baked in egg shells.


I find them pretty magical, and fairly easy to make, if a little tedious. Then again, we did make a lot of them.


I tweaked the recipe a bit because I couldn’t find any egg nog, and I also wanted lemon cakes. The differences between my cakes and the cakes in the recipe are as follows:

-Doubled the recipe.
-Added low-fat buttermilk instead of egg nog. (Whole fat would have worked better, but the store didn’t have it.)
-Added juice of one Meyer Lemon.
-Added lemon zest of two Meyer Lemons for flavor.
-Forgot to oil the insides of the shells.


If you don’t feel like making cake from scratch, a cake mix would probably work just fine. In conclusion, cake in egg shells kicks ass. Happy Easter!


Mar 24 2008

Back in Action

Loobylu is up and posting again, after a year away! Hello, dear.