10 thoughts on “Happies

  1. Judith Roenke

    This is totally fun. I sent in pics from Saipan, Thailand and other places. You gotta do it!

  2. lani

    I find it highly amusing that most of the bed jumping (according to these pictures) is done by males – especially with two little boys of my own who find jumping on the bed one of their favorite past times. I can totally see this playing out in a hotel room in Vegas several years from now.

  3. smallstatic

    I noticed the testosterone correlation with the bed jumping too. Pretty funny. Where do you find this stuff? Mo Kin is the super cutest cutie pie I have ever seen. So effervescent!

  4. jdg

    oh man, rob pongi is totally going to come to your website now that you’ve linked to him. I hope you’re ready. I linked to some of his mo kim videos awhile back as well as some of his awesome kim jong il propoganda videos, and he left quite a few comments. The man is truly a character.

  5. Amy

    Yikes, it was kind of weird to be watching a super cute 3 year old talented girl and then glance to the right and see “F**king USA”

  6. Sheila

    Sheila’s new hobby: bed jumping.

    I’m gonna do this at friend’s houses, too. And then send them a copy of the picture in their thank you note. “Thanks! I slept GREAT!”

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