April Fools and Picnic Guides

If you haven’t seen them yet, there’s an April Fool’s Day Guide up over at Mighty Junior, and a Perfect Picnic Guide on Mighty Goods. If it’s still snowing where you are, I offer my condolences. Crank the heat, pull on a sun dress, and spread your picnic blanket in your living room.

5 thoughts on “April Fools and Picnic Guides

  1. My anniversary is on April Fool’s Day… got any suggestions for an appropriate gag gift for an anniversary?


  2. These all sound like good suggestions, except I’m pretty certain I’d look ridiculous in a sun dress. Wait…no, oh no, no no no, dear God no. OK, I imagined myself actually in the sundress and while it was airy and really quite comfortable, I definitely looked just stupid!


  3. Oh hey, on your recommendation, I tried the Piper Sonoma sparkling wine the other day (it was on sale at Safeway for nine dollars!) — nice! Just the thing for an unseasonably sunny Tuesday after-work drink with the husband while the baby napped.


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