100 Things Worth Doing, Part III

More scenes I hope to see as my life flashes before my eyes, numbers 51-75:

51. Waking from a dream that was entirely in Spanish.
52. Plane ride back to California with a New York cheesecake on my lap
53. Bryan pulling a tablecloth from a dry bag on our surprise kayak camping trip
54. Answering a roommate ad to find one of the few friendly faces from 7th grade
55. Backyard picnic in my cap and gown, babies splashing in the plastic pool
56. Pulling a keg across San Francisco dressed as a plumber
57. Donning the newspaper crown for my editor photo
58. Making mud pies next to the Iris while mom weeded the bed
59. Pregnant in the bathtub, watching the baby roll over inside me
60. “What do you do?” “…I’m a writer.”
61. Climbing the pine tree in my PJs in the dark
62. Ordering the sushi myself
63. Karaoke in the living room until 4 a.m.
64. Me chewing on sour grass, the dog chewing at my shoelace knot
65. After an hour-long hunt, and countless “can I help yous,” finally figuring out where they keep the condoms
66. Breakfast by the campfire, fresh blackberries and cream
67. Lincoln Memorial at midnight
68. Christmas tree bonfire on the beach
69. Adirondack chairs on the lawn overlooking the lake, blanket over my legs
70. Swing dancing in the Music Concourse on Sunday afternoons
71. My first and only shot of whiskey in the Stanford dorms
72. Seeing a live cassowary
73. Homemade spaghetti and sourdough bread
74. Taking the train into the city after work
75. Having a single key on my key ring

As always, add a few of yours in comments if you haven’t already.

24 thoughts on “100 Things Worth Doing, Part III

  1. Was #56 at the Bay to Breakers race? I’ve never lived in SF, but I’ve flown there twice and I’m totally looking forward to doing it again in May! I always describe it to people as something they have to do at least once, just to see all the crazy costumes. And the mini tortillas spinning in the air at the start area.


  2. -Skydiving
    -Scuba diving with seals and sea lions in Monterey, CA
    -Bike ride down Haleakala http://www.bikemaui.com/
    -Hiking through the rain forest in Australia where there were yucky leaches
    -Washington Monuments at 2am
    -First time meeting an octopus underwater
    -Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef
    -Running for the last train out of London on New Year’s Eve when I was 18
    -Having a tea party with my daughter
    -Finding out I passed the CPA exam, finally!


  3. Modeling for life drawing (and getting a student drawing afterwards)

    Hiking on the Superior Trail in N. Minnesota

    Seeing the Berlin Wall when it was still The Wall

    Learning about Islam

    Learning how to make yogurt

    Writing a letter to the editor and seeing it printed



  4. getting to meet my mom’s best friend in the whole wide world…very soon before he ended up dying.

    watching the sunset every day at the marina in the summer after spending the morning and afternoon being a nanny

    my very first A on one of my first tests as a college student

    sitting on the porch at my aunt’s ranch while my cousin’s and i lit fireworks and sparklers all through the warm night

    a huge bonfire at that same ranch with my whole family after a large thanksgiving dinner, the dogs barking and running around, snapping at bugs

    finally seeing the grand canyon for the first time, feeling like i have been somewhere besides california and mexico

    dinner out at georgio’s with my mom and her friend in the city- laughing and eating delicious food on a sunday night, first sunday in a long time i didn’t feel a sense of dread

    knitting at my grandma’s christmas eve with my cousin

    playing in the playhouse in my grandma’s backyard with my cousins, being fashion designers and secretaries all at once.

    the night my mom, brother, cousin and best friend all had dinner and hung out at home. truly my favorite people all under one roof.


  5. -Running my first 10K
    -Mumbling in the van back from Carowinds with only Elaine understanding me
    -Seeing the stars from Berry campus
    -Synchronized swimming with my sister in the hotel pool/being a distraction for a business meeting at said hotel
    -Our first Valentine’s Day together, him singing “You Are My Sunshine”
    -Learning the guy’s part of Shag dancing “You’re the sexiest guy I know”


  6. Kayaking the Nantahala my first time in a boat

    Watching my 8 year old dog discover her youth while chasing leaves

    Moving into the first apartment that I would live in alone

    Holding hands with the entire family, singing Amazing Grace, as my great-grandmother peacefully passed away in her bed

    Watching seeds grow into plants in my window boxes

    Painting on canvas to discover I’m an artist


  7. Walking the long way home Spring Quarter after the movie and being so moved by the film, the warm evening and the face that we were to face graduation (and then what?) in a few short months…at that moment we were both brought to tears.

    My first day “on my own” in a strange state, a new apartment and no friends for thousands of miles.


  8. drinking beer on a roof in berlin with my best friend, talking about how we can always do this even if we fail with anything else
    breaking into a swimming pool at night with friends, taking a midnight swim
    riding my bike as a kid
    dreaming of being pregnant the night before taking the test, which was positive


  9. This is such a lovely idea, Maggie. Thank you. Here are a few of mine.

    – Reading in a tiny cafe on Plaza Santa Ana in Madrid while March snow tipped down outside
    – The perfect family Christmas Day, 2004
    – Finding out I got the scholarship, aged 11
    – First solo bike ride through Amsterdam
    – Lying in the tulip fields in the sun
    – “I love you” under a railway bridge after a few too many beers and an impromptu karaoke session
    – Watching good friends tie the knot in Tuscany
    – Telling stories in my uncle’s room the night of his wake
    – Pulling off a Lloyd Webber medley, self-arranged and orchestrated, with 50 singers and musicians
    – Being there for a friend through labour and birth
    – Seeing good friends dressed up as song titles for my leaving Amsterdam party
    – Walking out of university after handing in my master’s thesis


  10. I posted mine last week! Here are a few of them:

    -Have myself a real live “Shark Experience,” and live to tell everyone how I wet myself before during and afterward.
    -Visit Lithuania, where my paternal grandfather was born.
    -Swim the stretch of river that stole my father from me.
    -Step foot on African soil.
    -Sit with my maternal grandmother on her couch and rub her tired feet while we talk about nothing and everything.
    -Watch Ray Lamontagne play a live show, from the front row.


  11. Singing “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly” in the kitchen with my two little daughters.

    The Wilco/Jayhawks doublebill in Chicago in 1997. Left early because my new shoes hurt. That was dumb.

    Waking my husband at 4 a.m. to tell him I’m pregnant.


  12. Singing “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly” in the kitchen with my two little daughters.

    The Wilco/Jayhawks doublebill in Chicago in 1997. Left early because my new shoes hurt. That was dumb.

    Waking my husband at 4 a.m. to tell him I’m pregnant.


  13. -walking on hot coals, holding a sparkler
    -feeding my niece her first avocado
    -getting out of the car after passing the road test and hugging the driving instructor
    -skinny dipping at age eleven
    -drinking cold prosecco on the beach at night, wearing a really soft tee-shirt


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