13 thoughts on “Incredible

  1. Tammy

    Well, I guess I have to be the first person to comment that I saw some pieces exactly like this at Burning Man.

    Before I clicked your link, for some reason I expected it to take me to this video, which also features some pretty amazing sculptures I saw a few years ago. If you have a couple minutes, I really urge you to check it out.

  2. eva

    Nothing to do with this (awesome) link, but I’ve been thinking for a few days on not 100 things to do, but some things I won’t do. Like be the old me, or vote republican. I don’t have 100, but the six I do have are big’uns. Do you? Do your readers? Cause I feel like, wishes are one thing, ideals are different. For some reason, ideals often take the “I’ll never” path. Thoughts?

  3. Will

    Make my dreams better? NO WAY! Those things look like creepy giant insects. Insects that will suck the life force out of you and leave your empty husk lying in the sand.

    Well, ok, maybe they’re a little cool.

  4. Chris

    This stuff is amazing. I saw a couple of his sculptures last summer at MassMoCA; up close they’re impressively ordinary: made not out of space-age polymers, but ordinary materials, arranged brilliantly. But I had never seen them in motion, so thank you for this, Maggie! Long-time reader, first-time commenter: keep up the great work.

  5. rbk87

    I had easy time reading your blog. But it seems now it’s over :(. Man, this post sucks. I hope at least the next one won’t be.

  6. Meakid

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