Mighty Life List
May 31 2007

Campari Bottle Light Fixture

We had Mother’s Day brunch at Barndiva in Healdsburg where I spotted these fantastic Campari-bottle light fixtures. A friend of mine used empty Campari bottles as bud vases for big white lilies at her wedding, and I’ve seen them used to hold swizzle sticks or long fireplace matches. This light fixture takes the prize. I love beautifully designed objects with a sense of humor.

May 30 2007

Mighty Goods Father’s Day Gift Guide

Say, have you ordered a gift for your pop yet? If not, I’ve got a few superior ideas. Please go read the Mighty Goods Father’s Day Gift Guide. It’s a good ‘un.

May 24 2007

2006 Collective John Hughes Flashback

A lifetime ago, we attended the Air Guitar Championships. There was exactly one girl who was a contender. She had it all: the snarl, the reckless abandon, a mean air technique. She was going into the final round, rocking it out, and bringing the house down. At the end of her performance, the crowd was going wild, she was strutting around the stage, grinning from ear to ear. And then, as if in slow motion, she raised both hands above her head and sort of twinkled her fingers. The crowd gasped and drew back. “Cheerleader,” one of them said. And just like that, everyone went silent and headed for the bar.

San Francisco was always picked last for kickball.

May 23 2007

And Almond Butter on Toast

If you were me, you would like:

-Dogs that insist on having the leash in their mouths so they can play tug of war while they walk
-6 a.m. coffee shop regulars
-Men with big noses.

May 22 2007

The Art of Dressing Well

My friend Mai has a fun street-fashion blog called Fashioni.st. I went out walking with her the other day, and took a couple of pictures.

Because we only had a second to stop someone as they rushed by, I found there were a few key things I looked at first. On women, interesting shoes and bags often signaled that everything else was working too. Mai mentioned that people wearing jeans were less likely to be doing something compelling with their outfits. I noticed that men who pay attention to making their hairstyle unique were more likely to be dressed well too. Also, anyone wearing color stood out, as it’s almost impossible to find people who aren’t in black.

It was a surprisingly educational experience. For hours afterward I couldn’t stop checking people’s outfits for creative sparks, and I found myself getting oddly anxious about my shoes.

May 21 2007


Hey, we’ve been in the news lately! First, fellow-blogger and freelance writer Anh-Minh noticed the shots of the nursery we posted ages ago, and she sent a photographer over for this article in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Renters who remodel
Investing a little of your money in a rental can pay dividends in better living
by Anh-Minh Le

Then we were working at Ritual Roasters, and a Chron columnist asked what we were up to:

The mystery of the daytime idle: Why aren’t you working? by Chris Colin

May 18 2007

Three Things I’ve Been Pondering

1. “The ancient Celts spoke of ‘thin places’ and ‘thin times’–when the veil between heaven and Earth is worn thin, where the temporal and transcendent seem to touch.” –Krista Tippet, O Magazine

2. They captured a dog-sized cane toad in Australia.

3. Have I been laughing with dead people?