32 thoughts on “No One Cares What you had for a Snack

  1. Andrew

    My mother-in-law is Korean, so we occasionally pick up assorted Pocky at the Korean store (love the chocolate coconut). Last year we were visiting in Cleveland, and went to a Chinese market with her. There we found a whole new world of Pocky, so much so we think someone’s holdin’ out on the Korean stores. Have you seen the giant novelty Pocky? So. Good.

    (Strawberry pocky…also good.)


  2. crazycatladyMel

    Is there a Pretz called “salad pretz”? Because I bought a box of something like the tomato ones shown for my husband, then tried it… and ate the whole box w/o him ever seeing it. I’ve never seen them again, but shops around here are good for that.

  3. Sandy

    Wow. I think the last time I had Pocky was over 10 years ago, in a high school art class. Now I want some!

  4. Joy

    Green Tea Pocky is the only ever kind of crack I allow myself to have. OMG…they are deliriously good!!!

  5. Kate

    crazycatladyMel, there is a Salad Pretx, though I prefer Tomato Pretz.

    The Men’s Pocky box is the new design–I had one on my bulletin board at work for years; it said “Men’s Pocky: For the Man Who Enjoys the Finer Points in Life.” Hee! Dark chocolate is indeed a “finer point,” but why only for men?

  6. Margaret

    Ahhh urge to run directly to the nearest Asian grocery store sooo strong… I think I would be unable to resist if I didn’t know they were all closed right now.

    The idea of savory Pocky is both foreign and delicious.

  7. Jennifer/The Word Cellar

    Margaret said, “The idea of savory Pocky is both foreign and delicious.” I’m mystified by both the sweet and savory versions, having never even heard of Pocky until now. Maybe this is a result of living more than 25 miles away from the nearest Asian market?

  8. Trasi

    I so love pocky! My daughter loves pocky. We have never even SEEN the savory kind. That does it, I’m going to the Asian market TODAY.

  9. Sara

    I LOVE Pocky Men’s. I haven’t tried the Green Tea, but it sounds like something I’d like. Thanks for getting me going on a Friday morning!

  10. laura

    Why oh why did they name it Pocky, though? I need answers because every time I see it in the Korean market or watch my children attack a box like Jimi Hendrix having one last fix, all I can think about are the spackled faces that appear in acne info-mercials. I need someone to help me turn the beat around on this one….

  11. Lori

    Oh MY! I haven’t seen Pocky since I lived in Hong Kong. We used to take Pocky hiking as it holds it’s shape while being crushed in the backpack.

    I live inches from many Asian markets and never thought to look for it.

  12. weremonkey

    Sometimes they make Pumpkin Pocky. That is my personal favorite, and because I think it’s just a seasonal thing, I usually buy as many boxes as I can when I see the pumpkin on the shelves and horde it.

  13. Bon

    i spent four years teaching in Korea, and every frigging holiday my wonderful, kind, dutiful students brought me obligatorily large piles of Pocky. which i secretly loathed, mostly because their slim lines reminded me of chocolate mint Ovations, which i missed like a sonofabitch and couldn’t get there.

    now, looking at the Pocky, i feel the same pang of absence. fickle.

  14. Cat

    Men’s Pocky. hehehhe. Seriously. hehehehe.
    Men’s Pocky. Strong enough for a man..but made for a…man.

  15. Maggie Post author

    The sweet pocky taste like cookies, the savory ones taste like crackers.

  16. Anon

    Green colored “melon” pocky in small snack pak size portions…haven’t seen them in a few years though.


  17. BOSSY

    Truthfully Bossy is too enamored with her latest snack obsession: Edamame. She eats them until she blows up like a tick and flies off into the skies next to the other turbo jets.

    Bossy doesn’t have enough room in her heart (or her lower bowels) for a single additional snack food. Oh, OK.

  18. Kung Foodie

    there is a store in Vancouver with six foot tall pocky boxes. okay so they’re not real, just a sign…but damn, a girl can dream right?

  19. addictedtopretz

    crazycatladyMel, there is a “salad” pretz, and the picture on it looks very simliar to the one on the tomato pretz box. It’s no where near as good as tomato pretz though. But what about Fran? It’s like Pocky’s sightly overweight cousin.

  20. mlle_mmm

    I actually like salad pretz. It’s salty, not salady. Nijiya in SF has the best variety, although it don’t come cheap.

  21. Keli

    I live in Cleveland and work right down the street from the Asian market that Andrew was probably at. Pockey for lunch for me today.

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