Three Things I’ve Been Pondering

18th May 2007

1. “The ancient Celts spoke of ‘thin places’ and ‘thin times’–when the veil between heaven and Earth is worn thin, where the temporal and transcendent seem to touch.” –Krista Tippet, O Magazine

2. They captured a dog-sized cane toad in Australia.

3. Have I been laughing with dead people?

21 thoughts on “Three Things I’ve Been Pondering

  1. Calculus Interbie

    Probably not. Because if it was really funny they wouldn’t need to goose you.

  2. Drew

    I dated a guy whose mother referred to New England (where I lived at the time) as a very “thin” place. Residing in a town where most of the homes were built in the late 1700’s, hauntings and spirits abounded!

  3. Gordo

    The moment when Hank was born, the veil was virtually transparent, I mean thin. When you knew that you were in love with the B-Man, when the wind blows through the trees and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you feel tingles down your spine, when you see that first ray of sun after a three day storm, the veil is thin. When you look at an old woman in a cafe and share a smile over a childs playful acts, the veil is but a mere wisp.

    But hey, I live behind the Redwood Curtain, and we tend to think everything that happens in our lives is some how enchanted and heavenly.

  4. Gordo

    I am more of the school of belief that dead people are laughing AT us. We are a silly lot of primates with wallets.

  5. JewJewBee

    Morris Gleitzman as a few kids books (TOAD RAGE, TOAD AWAY, TOAD HEAVEN) in which he gives a voice to these persecuted toads… It’s not their fault they were brought there… So sad!

    From TOAD RAGE:
    ‘Uncle Bart,’ said Limpy. ‘Why do humans hate us?’

    Uncle Bart looked down at Limpy, and smiled fondly.

    ‘Stack me, Limpy,’ he chuckled, ‘you are an idiot.’

    Uncle Bart reckons humans don’t hate cane toads, but Limpy knows they do. He’s spotted the signs. The cross looks. The unkind comments. The way they squash cane toads with their cars.

    Limpy is desperate to save his family from ending up as placemats. Somehow he must make humans see how nice cane toads really are. Risking everything, he sets off on a journey that is mucus-chillingly dangerous and wart-tinglingly daring. It’s also very funny.

    The epic story of a slightly-squashed young cane toad’s quest for the truth.

    Very good books for teaching children about endangered animals, habitats, etc. And funny, too!

  6. megan

    Ah those cane toads… they’re fascinating actually… both really sociable and really horny. I saw a documentary where a little girl played with one like a doll – clothes, carriage and all – and it went along with it. The same film went on to show a toad having sex for over 15 hours, with toad roadkill. After 15 hours it finally gave up.

    I thought only Sting could have sex for so long! ;-)

  7. The Scarlet Pervygirl

    That’s not all that much bigger than cane toads in general. It would be like finding a 7’6″-foot person who weighed 400 pounds: it’s unusually big, but it’s not like a mutant or anything.

    She’s a cutie, though, the toad. She (he?) looks like a deflated football with eyes and little fingers.

  8. Ruth

    I am seriously creeped out by the laughing with dead people thing and now I need a couple shots of vodka to get me back to being uncreeped.

    How stupid do you have to be to believe a sheep is a damned DOG? Did these people never see a dog before in their lives?

    Yeah, they are STILL being born every minute.


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