Hey, we’ve been in the news lately! First, fellow-blogger and freelance writer Anh-Minh noticed the shots of the nursery we posted ages ago, and she sent a photographer over for this article in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Renters who remodel
Investing a little of your money in a rental can pay dividends in better living
by Anh-Minh Le

Then we were working at Ritual Roasters, and a Chron columnist asked what we were up to:

The mystery of the daytime idle: Why aren’t you working? by Chris Colin

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  1. That’s how I found you. Speaking of wasting time, I wonder why I was reading that. And here–well it’s too soon to tell here.


  2. This is such a coincidence because Bossy has been in the newspaper too! First she was in the newspaper in order to start an early morning fire on a chilly May day, and then she was in the newspaper in order to prevent paint drips on her porch floor. Tomorrow she may be in the newspaper again since she has plenty of vinegar and her windows need washing.


  3. Fantastic article! My husband and I rent as well, and have invested time and money in fixing up our home. Our belief is that just because we rent doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate living in a place that better fits our taste, personality, and style. I don’t consider it a waste of money at all, just an investment in making our surroundings nicer and more comfortable.


  4. You give hope to renters everywhere. We’ve already decided to milk as many years out of our rent-stabilized one bedroom as possible, constantly envisioning new floor plans, temporary walls, and where the crib could go (when and if).

    As much as I dream of owning, of having a back yard, two bedrooms, or even just a kitchen that’s bigger than a breadbox, you can’t beat cheap rent and a super who knows how to fix toilets.


  5. Back in the day [when I was a renter] I believed in making things nicer. With the landlord’s permission I added things like fluorescent lights in kitchens, upgraded rugs, and added mini blinds [Kmart had a GREAT sale on them.]

    Because sometimes the place where you are is exactly the place where you should be.


  6. Maggie, it is gorgeous! Congratulations on another inspiring project. One question – the windows in Hank’s room are so beautiful. Do you have window coverings on them to keep out light? I couldn’t detect any in the newspaper photos and I’m semi-psychotic about blocking out light in my little boy’s room. If you leave it light, perhaps it will make me less psychotic. Or so my husband would hope.

    Take care, and congratulations on a nice profile piece.



  7. Hi, Tabitha. We do leave it light. However, he doesn’t sleep in there at night yet, so the stakes aren’t as high. Every kid is different, so it couldn’t hurt to try it. Good luck! If we do put up shades, I’ll let you know.


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