The Ladies

15th May 2007

This is my mom group, and they are awesome. Unfortunately, most of them live in different states, which makes playdates difficult, so we spend a lot of time on email. Anyway, I’ve mentioned all of them before, but if you don’t know who they are, you should check out their super-genius sites — Eden is at Fussy, Heather is at Dooce, Melissa is at Suburban Bliss, and Alice is at Finslippy. They will rock you.

28 thoughts on “The Ladies

  1. shel

    1. this post/set of pics makes me want to be a mom so i can join your kickass gang.
    2. you look like WAY too much fun. i like that.
    3. you have some pretty great friends. lucky! (said all napoleon dynamite-esque)

  2. Lisa Milton

    Ok, I went through the whole album – I think this makes me a blog-celebrity stalker. So sorry. But you all look like you had a blast.

    Thanks for sharing. I especially like the picture of dooce in her natural habitat.

  3. alice


    For the record, Maggie was our friend before she was a mom. All are welcome, all are welcome.

  4. jae

    Looks like an awesome time… one of these years my mom group might get together — if we can all be on the same continent at the same time.

  5. kate

    You’re lucky. All of those ladies are rockin’. My playgroup is ok, but nothing as fun as yours. Plus, my afternoon liqueur milkshake friend is moving across the country this weekend. What a freaking bummer.

  6. Amanda Crabmom

    Crabmommy salutes the blogmatriarchs. As one new to the scene I admire the fortitude, the wit, the blogliciusness abundant at your table. Your collective cup runneth over. How nice it must be to meet one’s blogpals in the flesh after all the online bonding. It must also have been a bit surreal when you first clapped eyes on one another and heard each other’s voices and such.

  7. Joe

    Very cool. You look like you all had a wonderful time. One of you also looks like she could be a serial killer.

  8. Maya

    I have stumbled upon all of your blogs/websites and am so thankful! Being a new mom it’s great to read through all of your thoughts.

  9. smallstatic

    Good for you for getting together and starting to promote each other in a more organized and cohesive manner. From the blogging in real time of your weekend together, to the cross referencing of each other on your sites, you ladies are TOTALLY going to own the internet. FM won’t know what hit ’em. Best of luck.

  10. WendyP

    Awww…instead of friendship bracelets, they have matching computers.

    I read all of your blogs before I knew that you were friends. Can I be a groupie? I won’t try to sit with you at lunch or anything.

  11. Maggie Post author

    The program I used to make this photo thingy is called Pictobrowser. It’s super, super easy to use. Do it!

  12. BOSSY

    Bossy is so jealous and she’s sure you all had an excellent gathering. Next time, though, make sure one of you brings a camera! Gah it would be fun to see even one photo! :)

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