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Girl Talk

17th June 2008

Alice and I talk business:

Alice: I think it’s adorable that you want some money for yourself. Maybe you want to buy yourself a special little treat without the Hubs knowing, and why shouldn’t you? Bravo, Mrs. Mason.

Me: Sometimes, when I’m feeling low, I just like to get myself a nice lipstick. Nothing pricey, just a little pick me up.

Alice: What? Whore.

The Ladies

15th May 2007

This is my mom group, and they are awesome. Unfortunately, most of them live in different states, which makes playdates difficult, so we spend a lot of time on email. Anyway, I’ve mentioned all of them before, but if you don’t know who they are, you should check out their super-genius sites — Eden is at Fussy, Heather is at Dooce, Melissa is at Suburban Bliss, and Alice is at Finslippy. They will rock you.

Good Night, Nurse!

16th October 2006

Alice, over at Finslippy, just posted about one of my very favorite prompts fromNo One Cares What You Had for Lunch. It’s about bringing back beloved words that no one uses any more. A few of my favorites pulled from her comments section:

Cinchy, meaning easy to do.
Fie as a curse word.
“I’m all sixes and sevens,” meaning “off my game.”
Poppycock, as an expression of disbelief.
“I’ve got a hitch in my git-along,” meaning “I feel stiff.”
Zozzled, meaning drunk.

What words do you adore?