Girl Talk

17th June 2008

Alice and I talk business:

Alice: I think it’s adorable that you want some money for yourself. Maybe you want to buy yourself a special little treat without the Hubs knowing, and why shouldn’t you? Bravo, Mrs. Mason.

Me: Sometimes, when I’m feeling low, I just like to get myself a nice lipstick. Nothing pricey, just a little pick me up.

Alice: What? Whore.

17 thoughts on “Girl Talk

  1. Astrogirl426

    Although, have you seen the price of lipstick lately? I’m not talking fancy-shmancy department store lipstick. I’m talking Revlon at the local drug store. It’s like $10! For one lipstick! I’ve started buying the cheapie brands (by cheapie I refer to the price, not the quality of the product) like NYC. and Jane, but since those brands seem to cater to the under-25 crowd, it can be tough to find a nice, normal color.

  2. Lyz

    In college, when I did really well on an essay test, I’d get myself a new pen.

    Yep, I’m THAT kind of geek.

  3. becca

    If you can stop at one lipstick, you are a picture of self-discipline!!!

    My trips to Target tend to snowball….

  4. Lindaloohoo

    i have a gagillion (real number) different whore-ly lipsticks, but i always end up going back to my fav – ‘twig’ by mac.

    nope, evidently i’m the cheap floozy that prefers to treat herself to a nice new fan-cy dress from walmart. then can’t wait to get out of the parking lot before stripping down to put it on in the car, while scaring the bejesus out of the strange guy in the mercedes who parked even further out than i did.

    my friend was eager to tell me how white trash i was. bitch.

  5. califmom

    I love a good lip color. My BFFs and I found a universal shade, by cheap-animal-testing-made-in-China Revlon. Given it’s ability to look good on all women, we dubbed it Labia Red.

    We then kicked it up a notch with a theme song…Labia Red, as sung to the tune of Lady In Red. Try it. It’s works beautifully.

    Now, if weren’t such a whore, I’d tell you the Revlon color. ;-)

  6. Nancy

    Does Alice also think it’s “adorable” that women have the right to vote? Seriously, what year is she living in?

  7. Lori

    As someone who sells lipstick – this is what I like to hear. Well. not so much the ‘nothing pricey’ bit as mine is a bit pricey by Walmart standards – but the ‘buy it as a pick me up’ bit. I was telling a friend last night about the ‘lipstick index’. Lipstick is one of the few things that holds it’s value during a recession. Apparently we can’t afford Prada bags during down times so we buy new lipstick.

  8. alice

    Nancy, women have the RIGHT to VOTE? I think you need to check your facts on that. I mean, maybe to vote for which dress is prettiest. sure.

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