Growing Pains

A few friends and I have been reading a book on wellness that suggests eight ways to improve your life. It says you should choose a few and run with them, so I decided on:

Me thinking about light flowing into my head, and then thinking how nice it would be to nap.

Me thinking about how well things are going, then wondering when disaster will strike.

Conscious eating:
Me conquering food allergies by doing a restricted diet for 21 days, then remembering that I have hives because I really like to eat the stuff I’m not supposed to have.

Doing Fun Activities:
Me doing things that make me happy.

For the record, doing fun things is better than denying yourself caffeine. Should you choose to follow this path, I’d recommend starting with the fun stuff and worrying about your gluten intake later.

I’ve decided to do one fun thing a day, and it turns out that fun stuff is awesome. Yesterday I went down to City Hall to celebrate gay and lesbian couples getting married. There was a huge crowd, and lots of happy tears, and much merriment. Added bonus: no one yelled ugly things at the newlyweds.

So you see, we’re all evolving as a team.

58 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. The wedding photography company I work for was there taking free pictures for anyone who wanted them and I was volunteering in the morning. It was completely amazing!! I loved every minute of it and wish I could have stayed the whole day. And now I keep going back and looking through the pictures over and over. They make me so happy!

    (ps: I want that green dress from the first picture)


  2. Thank you for sharing these pictures! I have tears in my eyes looking at them!



  3. That post is so positive. You can see how much it means in their faces. I feel so frustrated it has taken so long to get here…


  4. Love those photos, It’s amazing to see such a celebration of love.. Those dapper men made tears come to my eyes..


  5. Meditation equals nap to me. Call me old, but if I close my eyes and try to focus on good stuff it just leads to well deserved zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  6. those are such lovely shots. what a wonderful thing to be able to celebrate. things like this really solidify my faith in humanity.

    does anyone know where the kick ass diaper bag is from?


  7. what a great, fun, fabulous thing to do! If Florida ever gets its s**t together(we can hope!) I’m so going to City Hall with my camera!


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