18 thoughts on “Twirling

  1. miranda

    When I was a little girl, I refused to let my mother buy me a dress before I checked out the “twirl factor.” What a nice thing about being a girl.

  2. Esther

    I just bought my 2 year old daughter a denim dress. She told me she didn’t like it because “it doesn’t go up!” She spun around to demonstrate the lack of twirl. I couldn’t argue.

  3. Tiffany

    I’m pregnant with my first child, a baby girl. Those pictures make me extremely excited for the future (yes, even the last one, a little bit… :)

  4. MontanaJen

    When I was last with two (of my ten) nieces, I wore a brown cotton full skirt, with a cotton liner under. Perfect twirl skirt.

    The three-year-old kept saying, “Twirl, dancy-girl! Twirl!”

    And twirl I did.

    So fun.

  5. Jen

    Awesome photo finds! My sister used to call them “pumpkin dresses” when they’d poof out like that 2nd shot. Good times. :)

  6. daisy

    When I was ten, I took a crash course in baton twirling and performed in the local Canada day parade. I wore a red sequin leotard JUST LIKE THAT ONE. Can’t believe I’m admitting this on line.

  7. bradleytee

    As a kid I always loved twirling but thought it was kind of gay…then I realized the dress I was wearing was the gay part, not the twirling…I still like twirling but now I do it with my kids so I have a reasonable excuse to be a grown man in my thirties acting dizzy and drunk-like….and twirling.

  8. zeghsy

    i have to do a twirl test, because thinking you’re okay and flashing the entire world because your dress spun up, THAT’s embarrassing. it’s worse when you’re dancing with your ex-bf and his new fiance sees your tush.

  9. a.

    Sadly, this is unrelated to twirling, but I just read your twitter about the eyelid swelling. I am also a redheaded, sensitive-skinned person who started developing seemingly random and rash-y allergies a couple of years ago. When my eyelid started to swell and I couldn’t figure it out, the doctor told me that it was blephargia. Which is eyelash dandruff. (pretty name, pretty condition!) She sort of chuckled at me and gave me a cream which I swear was vaseline. Please don’t judge me; I am only trying to help. I hope you don’t have eyelash dandruff, but given the allergies and such you’ve posted about lately, well, you might?

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