13 thoughts on “Evany’s Birthday

  1. Kim

    Love, love, love the tattoo! I am too scared to get one but I am a drooling fan of the sleeve tattoo. Is it really called a sleeve? Just wondering as I am trying to sound cool but just truely a drooling fan, I am too chicken to ever get anything permantly burned on my body.

  2. evany

    And my fun thing for yesterday was having YOU there at my burger festival! That was I think my funnest birthday ever? Great food, perfect weather, and beloved friends + GIGANTIC BURGER CAKE!? I feel so very lucky and happy! Yay, 38!

  3. Krissa

    Great pics! I almost feel like I was there, except…just one little thing…. I need a piece of that awesome cake!
    Happy Birthday!

  4. bradleytee

    Maggie…seriously, did you make the cake or buy it or ???? If so from where OR if so how did you do it? I would love a post on the secrets behind the lettuce and cheese etc. My wife makes a great football cake but not near as impressive. GREAT idea!

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