Campari Bottle Light Fixture

31st May 2007

We had Mother’s Day brunch at Barndiva in Healdsburg where I spotted these fantastic Campari-bottle light fixtures. A friend of mine used empty Campari bottles as bud vases for big white lilies at her wedding, and I’ve seen them used to hold swizzle sticks or long fireplace matches. This light fixture takes the prize. I love beautifully designed objects with a sense of humor.

15 thoughts on “Campari Bottle Light Fixture

  1. BOSSY

    This is completely gorgeous and Bossy wants Campari Bottle Everything and Bossy is going to become an alcoholic to prove it.

  2. jas

    Those Campari bottles aren’t available in the US as far as I know – they’re Campari “soda” and the only time I saw them was when a friend who works for Gruppo Campari brought some back from the old country…

  3. Duaneo

    I happened to be at Barndiva with a friend last night. I saw these fixtures, and thought to myself “Where have I seen these before?” I was pleased to tell my friend that I saw those fixtures here first. :^)

  4. Vanessa

    I was smitten with these & emailed the link to my boyfriend and, ever the practical one, he replied:
    “That light fixture is interesting, but I wonder if the color degrades over time due to photo oxidation of the pigment. I bet it will end up brownish in about a year. If not, I’m not sure that I would want to drink that stuff…”

    Do you know how long they’ve had it up?

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