8,337 thoughts on “And Almond Butter on Toast

  1. tulip

    I’m pointing this out to my husband as he thinks my “big nose love” is weird. :) I also love all those things.

  2. Allie

    You can have my dog. Be prepared to shell out at least a hundred bucks a year on leashes!

  3. Val

    There’s always someone, somewhere, with a big nose, who knows…

    Probably Morrissey conditioned me to love big noses at a young age.

    (Hi, I’m Val, I think your blog is great!)

  4. Janell

    If you were like me you would like,
    1. Reading mightygirl & mightygoods daily
    2. Trying out brand-new, good-smelling shampoo.
    3. Playing tug-o-war with my puppy in the newly green park

  5. Joe

    Thankfully I am not you, though I’m quite sure that you’re quite lovely. And while I am a man with a big nose, I do not really favor a woman with same. Odd, isn’t it?

  6. M~


    I don’t think Morrissey has a big nose…but either way I love him too and almond butter on toast sounds yummy as well.

  7. Melanie

    I love two out of 3. I hate everything at 6 a.m., no matter how awesome it might be. 6 a.m. is too early for love. But dogs and leash tug of war are great, and men with big noses are a weakness of mine. Big noses, big eyebrows, dark eye, and tall. Yummy.

  8. CC

    mmmmm, big noses! Big noses on olive-skinned men with dark hair and darker eyes… tastier than almond butter on toast!

  9. Elisha

    I’m pretty indifferent about the nose and the coffeeshop (I’m a fan of the 8pm regulars – what are they doing?! I must know!), but I love playing leash tug-of-war with my dog. It’s one of my day’s highlights every single day.

  10. kate

    Pretty much all dogs are good.
    I love early morning regulars.
    There’s something to be said for big noses, but I’m into bald men. Not balding. Totally bald.

  11. shauna

    OH YES. Almond butter rules the school! Especially if it’s a nice grainy toast. With a glass of milk or a cup of tea to hose the crumbs off your teeth :)

  12. Melis

    Glad to know there is another redhead out there who has love for the men with big noses. (I actually never realized that this was a thing for me until an ex boyfriend pointed out that all the men I have ever dated, including him, had schnozes).

  13. cath

    I was horrified the other day when my 2.5yo declared, “that man has a BIG NOSE!” (oh and in my attempt to get past the moment as quickly as possible I just ignored her, which was a mistake because that just made her repeat it louder and louder)

    But at the time I had no idea of the popularity of men with big noses, so I can only hope he took it as a compliment. :)

  14. Trucker of Turnips

    Nah! If it ain’t raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, then it ain’t no good.

  15. Tori

    I adore almond butter on toast and have a passion for introducing it to people who have never had it before.

  16. Barbara

    I loved waiting on the morning coffeeshop regulars. Construction workers especially. I’ll go with you on that. The evening coffeeshop regulars a whole ‘nother thing. Loquacious alcoholics no longer bar-hopping. Sat there for hours and left a quarter tip.

  17. capacious

    You know what they say about men with big noses.

    You don’t? I don’t either. Sorry.

    Big Kleenex boxes? Sorry, I’m just trying here.

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