Mighty Life List
Jun 30 2008

Lunch on the Bench

Cigar-smokin’ sidewalk guy wants to talk to you.

Say, do you mind if he smokes here?
You! Does he know you?
Hello! Como estas? Bien? Bien?

Lady passersby, succumb to his desires.

Jun 27 2008

Fun Thing for Yesterday

Yellow, originally uploaded by MaggieMason.

I made a sunny necklace, and it is adorable. Hello! Hello, little necklace.

In college, I worked at a bead store, where I logged many hours with a pair of tweezers organizing mixed up beads. You’re bored just hearing about that, aren’t you? Wrong! Sorting beads is crazy satisfying. Like cleaning out your purse, or painting your toenails. When you’re done, that one little corner of the universe is perfect again. Then you can take a nap.

Jun 26 2008

Overheard: Elitism Lite

Scene: Coffee shop, two girls discuss the web.

“I’m getting off Facebook. Everyone is equalized in a way I’m very uncomfortable with.”

Jun 25 2008


Also? A small celebration of sporks over on Mighty Goods. Never has soup and salad been so convenient.

Jun 24 2008

Weddings and Camping

Two new guides up at the mighties:

-Mighty Goods has 15 Wedding and Shower Gifts Under $40
-Mighty Junior has a cool products guide for Camping with Kids

Go have a look!

Jun 23 2008

On Chafing

The time has come to buy new underwear. However, since having that cute baby and then losing the pregnancy weight, something has gone awry. All currently fashionable underwear is now made to go up my butt.

Bikini undies? Sure! If you like them up your butt. Tap pants? Sounds good, assuming you enjoy that extra material nestled up your butt. Boy shorts? Why waste effort walking around for 10 minutes? Just wedge them up your butt immediately so you can tug uncomfortably at your jeans for the next eight hours.

Listen, I’m already wearing shoes that make my feet bleed. The underwire on my bra is probably jabbing my ribs. You don’t want me any more irritated. It’s taking all my willpower not to cut someone. Introduce up-the-butt pants to this precarious scenario, and I can’t be held responsible. I also probably won’t be able to operate a motor vehicle.

Do you hear me, Universe? Take me to your comfortable yet stylish underwear! You drive.

Jun 20 2008

Evany’s Birthday

My fun thing for yesterday was Evany’s burger extravaganza.