Stuff I Didn’t Buy

4th November 2010

Crazy Neighbor Lady Gardener Hat, circa 1940s.

Handblown glass mushroom set.

Pregnant Lady Figural Mug

60 Rustproof Needles in Crazy Great ’60s era packaging

“Dr. Hands” Teething Lotion
(I kind of regret passing on this, because I think it could have prompted Monteiro to start in on some assemblage work.)

Doll Head Collection

Topless Lady Boxer, Not for sale.

What have you restrained yourself from buying lately?

19 thoughts on “Stuff I Didn’t Buy

  1. Amy (Minimally Invasive)

    Just this morning, I closed the tab on another pair of Frye boots without hitting “purchase.” My inner shopping addict tried to convince me that they’re a great investment and that buying them would be almost like MAKING money in the long run. Hmmm, she makes a good point.

  2. famousamy

    I’ve restrained from a lot lately. Another Vera Bradley purse.. I just can’t justify it.

    On a related note, the Pregnant Lady Figural Mug is sitting on my desk right now. It’s passed from person to person in my department when a pregnancy is to be announced (rather than feeling obligated to write an email to everyone). I’m finishing up my 7th month.

  3. Heidi

    A pair of boots from Anthropologie, a bunsen burner stand on etsy, and a toddler shirt with an upsy-down kitty kat on it that was over $50 once you calculated in the shipping. The shipping is where they get you, my friend.

    As an aside–I will send you cash money and a finders fee if you buy that crazy gardening hat for me. I’m an aspiring crazy neighbor.

  4. Kathleen

    I had to stop myself from starting my holiday shopping several times in the last few weeks. Every year it’s the same thing! It’s barely past Halloween. And, I wonder why the seasons pass so quickly!

  5. AbraCat

    Sigh. I restrained myself from buying a zebra print skirt on Ebay this morning. I still wants.

    You should have bought the glass mushrooms.

  6. Panduh

    Love those cute lil’ mushrooms. I would’ve had a real difficult time not buying those, for sure.

    I’ve avoided buying so many books this past week, but I narrowed it down to one after an hour in the book section in Target.

  7. Jan

    Where is the store you found all that cool stuff, Maggie? And does it have a website?

    Methinks it’s just a majorly sweet consignment shop and that, even if they did have a website, they wouldn’t list their stuff for sale because it would change too quickly.

  8. Gina

    I really like those mushrooms. sigh.

    I didn’t buy a bookshelf at Goodwill today. It would have been awesome painted, but I haven’t painted the last wood piece I bought at Goodwill yet, so I punished myself by not getting this piece.

    I regret it already.

  9. Maggeh Post author

    Jan, it was a bunch of antique shops and flea markets. Just realized I had a collection of photos going and thought I’d share.

  10. Stephanie

    This summer I didn’t buy: a pair of super pointy shoes that made my feet look two-feet long, a pair of tap dance shoes, a riding helmet, and a wedding dress. I wish I had photos of me wearing all that stuff because it made us laugh until we cried.

  11. Zom G.

    Ha! I started a separate blog just to get the stuff I don’t buy off the brain and off of my personal space. Feels better to deal with it some way, no?

    I’m going to ditto Gina, Panduh, and Abracat on those glass mushrooms though…

  12. Angela

    Right now I am fighting the urge to ask you where I can get the pregnant cup, because it is just way too awesome. That is what I am not buying today :-D

  13. Jan

    Restraint? What’s that?

    Tod’s driving loafers are en route along with a copy of D.V – the Diana Vreeland book Patrick Swayze’s character always goes on about in “Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar”. I really need to learn to hold myself back and surrender my credit card to my husband….

  14. Leslie

    Another set of paella pans on etsy. I have a set of three and I have NEVER made paella. They do make great serving dishes, though.

    Also, I stopped myself from buying another black turtle neck. I think I already have five and I’m trying not to live in them all winter long!

  15. Joelle

    Fat Daddio’s 9″ (or 7 3/4″) loaf pans.

    I only own mini loaf pans, and while they are nice high quality Chicago ones, they are folded and seamed metal, so crumbs and moisture collect in the corners, and I’m afraid they’ll rust. Fat Daddio’s are either pressed or cast, either way, no seams, curved corners.

    Instead, I’m borrowing my neighbor’s pans for my baking this weekend.

  16. mp

    I’m resisting the “pre-order” button on the new Eithne Farry book Lovely Things To Make For Girls of Slender Means.

    me wants.

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