Stuff I Didn’t Buy

Crazy Neighbor Lady Gardener Hat, circa 1940s.

Handblown glass mushroom set.

Pregnant Lady Figural Mug

60 Rustproof Needles in Crazy Great ’60s era packaging

“Dr. Hands” Teething Lotion
(I kind of regret passing on this, because I think it could have prompted Monteiro to start in on some assemblage work.)

Doll Head Collection

Topless Lady Boxer, Not for sale.

What have you restrained yourself from buying lately?

Cooper-Hewitt Pop Up Collection

I got to see some pop-up books from the Cooper-Hewitt library while I was in New York. If you’d like to see some in motion, the museum has very smartly uploaded several You Tube videos. I didn’t realize that pop-up books are still hand glued in China.

This one was hand cut and sewn in 1551 to illustrate mathematical concepts.

This is a modern advertisement.

Daily Express Children’s Annual, 1933

A modern anatomical pop up.

Alice in Wonderland pop-up, with the modern version in front and its inspiration behind.

I particularly love the concept behind Paper Blossoms: A Book of Beautiful Bouquets for the Table, which is still available from Chronicle Books.

It’s a pop-up book full of centerpieces. Genius.

More pop-up photos on Flickr.