Elsewhere: The Products We Hate

5th November 2010

I wrote about my pet peeve Etsy product category on The Morning News. I’d put an image above, but I already had a picture of a topless woman up yesterday, and I’m trying not to attract the wrong element.

My part is at the end, so you’ll want to read through. (Or scroll, I don’t judge.):

The Products We Hate

18 thoughts on “Elsewhere: The Products We Hate

  1. Courtney

    I love this article! I don’t get Bluetooth devices except while driving to avoid accidents and the concept of bathtub crayons makes me itch. But jewelry shaped like a vagina? Truly astonishing!

  2. Zom G.

    Holi marconi, I hate everything ON that list except for maybe bathtub crayons! This is brilliant and I want to FB share it but I am scared so many people I know & quasi know do actually love those things that they will take to hating me instead.


  3. Tina

    I am speechless. Now I will be looking everywhere for vulva brooches. Plus? My gal pals are always laughing at me when I correct their use of the word “vagina” when they mean “vulva”.

  4. Cindy

    The list is great. I’m amazed at the things that people try to sell and what people buy. I hate drinkable fruit and the commercials for it. Just eat a frakin apple!

  5. Quinn

    Amazing list! That broach might just make it in to a few Christmas stockings.

    “Empower women, wear a vagina!”… I wear one every day,thanks. I keep it in my Jeggings ;)

  6. Alyce

    Oh my god. You made me read this:

    ?VulvaLoveLovely: Often imitated, never replicated and occasionally lubricated?

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