18 thoughts on “Boston and Newport

  1. Karen

    Beautiful shots, Maggie. My husband and I were in Newport this very weekend celebrating our second wedding anniversary. Ate way too many oysters, but I think we drank just the right amount of beers. We had a great time. Hope your family did too.

  2. Dawn

    I live in the area and take my train-obsessed toddler to see trains all the time; can you post where the 2nd shot was taken? I’d love to walk there with him.

    Beautiful shots; glad you had fun here!

  3. Kristina

    Weird: my brother and sister-in-law were in Newport for a wedding last weekend too! It’s got me wondering if it was the same one, but I kind of doubt it.

  4. matt

    As Jonathan Richman says, ” Oh, New England!” You are making me miss home. My step brother chefs a restaurant in Newport.

  5. Maggeh

    Hi Dawn,

    The second shot was taken in Newport. It’s the Newport Dinner Train. You can make a reservation and have a meal, there’s also a boat trip afterward if you want to tack that on too. Pretty fun.

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