Traveling in Comfort and Style

Bryan and I have a wedding to attend, so we took a red eye to Boston last night. If there’s anything more enjoyable than a red eye when you’re pregnant, it’s boarding the plane with wet pants.

Why were my pants wet, you ask? Excellent question, reader! The answer is, I sat in yet another Mystery Wet Spot! Mystery Wet Spot, Part II!

We had a stopover in Dallas, so I plugged in my computer and hunkered down on the carpet. The carpet was wet. Not globally wet, specifically wet. It was wet only in the exact spot where I was sitting.

Then our flight boarded and I was trapped for three hours in damp pants. Pants damp with fluid of unknown origin. Something inside me broke on that flight — something small but integral. If you need me, I’ll be rocking in the corner.

Election Day

Sorry for the silence, I’ve been celebrating Halloween excessively. Also, I just arrived in Boston where everyone is going crazy with election-night party prep. I will be out in the cold with thousands of people who will either be giddy with relief or completely inconsolable. Today gives new meaning to the phrase “anxious anticipation.”

If you haven’t voted, please vote. If you’re not a United States citizen, any chance you could throw some good thoughts, well wishes, or fervent prayers our way? Thanks.

Right Away

Things moved faster in Boston than they do in the real world. I arrived in the morning, having taken the red-eye from San Francisco. I dropped my bags at home and came into the office to start my first day at about 8 a.m. By 1 p.m., I’d had four versions of this conversation:

Them: Say, can you tackle this hour-long project?

Me: Sure. I’ll send it to you in an hour or so.

Them: Thanks!

(Twenty minutes later)

Them: Hey, Maggie.

Me: Hey.

Them: Have you finished up that project? Can you email me your results?

Me: Actually, it’s only been twenty minutes since you asked me. I’m still in the middle of it.

Them: Oh… Well send it when you’ve got it, I guess.

Me: (blink blink)

God Bless America

I’ve slept two of the last 48 hours. About an hour ago, I realized that I needed to start concentrating on breathing, because I seemed to be forgetting here and there. Also, I’ve had pizza three meals in a row.

Last night, I flew in on a red eye to Boston. I unpacked my ridiculously large bags, and headed over to the Democratic National Convention headquarters. I’ll be working here for the next month.