Traveling in Comfort and Style

Bryan and I have a wedding to attend, so we took a red eye to Boston last night. If there’s anything more enjoyable than a red eye when you’re pregnant, it’s boarding the plane with wet pants.

Why were my pants wet, you ask? Excellent question, reader! The answer is, I sat in yet another Mystery Wet Spot! Mystery Wet Spot, Part II!

We had a stopover in Dallas, so I plugged in my computer and hunkered down on the carpet. The carpet was wet. Not globally wet, specifically wet. It was wet only in the exact spot where I was sitting.

Then our flight boarded and I was trapped for three hours in damp pants. Pants damp with fluid of unknown origin. Something inside me broke on that flight — something small but integral. If you need me, I’ll be rocking in the corner.

16 thoughts on “Traveling in Comfort and Style

  1. i am rocking for/with you. ew. ew. ew. perhaps carrying a piece of oilcloth in a fetching pattern that you can sit upon would be useful. (that sentence sucked, but i’m sleepy and i refuse to fix it. sorry.) still rocking. and rocking.


  2. You totally should have made Bryan give you his pants. Or taken yours off and wore a plane blanket. Nevermind, scratch the plane blanket. Eww.

    This is simply preparation for flying cross country with a baby. You’ll be surprised how quickly those yoga pants will go into the baby bag BEFORE any of the baby’s clothes make it in there…


  3. Which is worse, travelling long distance in indeterminably wet pants or travelling in pants that are soaked in someone else’s vomit?

    Ahh, the joys of parenthood!


  4. I really just think that I would demand that my husband go to the loo and remove his boxers.
    I would take my pants off and wear them.
    And then, in my fantasy, I would de-plane and the Sartorialist ( would photograph me.

    (I need to think these things through so I don’t obsess.)


  5. You have my sympathies. I once sat in a seat in a movie theater that some kid, and man I hope it was a kid, peed in earlier in the day. The seat was not noticably wet until I had sat in it for a while and the wetness wicked back up through. I also had a small child, not mine or anyone who I know, throw up on me at a packed football game. To answer Catherines question, I think the vomit is far worse.


  6. I am sure you have gotten all sorts of advice from strangers on friends on how to be a parent and what to do before you have this child…


    all the advice is true
    we are all too stuborn to listen

    we should have traveled
    we should have gone to the movies
    we should have slept late
    we should have….

    you get the picture

    my only advice… baby naming
    -check the baby name top ten list…
    as cool as Zoe and Madison may be
    these names are cool
    but less cool as they are more common than anyone ever expected
    -do not tell anyone your list of names
    they will have an opinion
    they will make a face

    my thoughts


  7. I’ve never felt the need to comment here, but my son and I tried to get comfortable on the floor at DFW while waiting for a delayed flight and we sat on the wet carpet too! That was in July. I thought they may have just cleaned the carpets but must have been wrong. Ewwww.


  8. Hey, my daughter has already experienced a shadow of such dismay, and she’s only 2. While using a grown-up toilet recently, she accidentally let the back of her skirt dip in the toilet. Standing there in the bathroom, regarding her the ick-soaked tail of her dress, she asked me, hopefully, “Is there something we can do about it?”


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