He Already Called His Mom

18th September 2006

Heather just wrote a hilarious post,“Having Dated Walking Red Flags” inspired by one of the ideas in No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog. If you’re wondering what kinds of ideas are in my book, go have a read. And don’t skip Heather’s comments, they’re enlightening.

8 thoughts on “He Already Called His Mom

  1. paul

    Maggie: I haven’t had such a fun read in months. And I only read about 1/3 of the comments to Heather’s post. I wish I was as a worthy enough writer to attempt a similar post about deal breakers for men, which I am one of. However, men don’t have the humor for it without taking it down the low road. I love your stuff, Maggie and it must make you feel good to connect with others. Happy pregnancy. My wife shared two (1 of each sex) with me and I commend you. Keep up the blogging, please!

  2. Evy

    The only thing funnier than Heather’s entry itself is that the comments are so bizarre. Women claiming they could NEVER date a man who was an alcoholic, or who hit them, or a man who did drugs. NO KIDDING.

  3. Scott

    Wow! From the comments in Heather’s post, I never thought “republican” would be a deal breaker. Maybe in my younger days, political offiliation, was a key factor, but I soon found out that “registered” doesn’t mean anything in my generation or younger. Personally, I didn’t have to have a person agree with me politically on the first date. (by the 5th or 6th maybe, but not the 1st)

  4. Katie

    Maggie—I just want you to know that I finished reading the book last night and found SEVERAL hilarious ideas for blog posts. I mostly post about my dramatic dating life (and dramatic is an understatement), but this totally gives me room to expand on those topics—as in Heather’s post about having dated walking red flags. I hear ya, sister.

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