Mum in Training

20th September 2006

I have a brief piece up at Alpha Mom, go read it! Here’s how it starts:

I haven’t even given birth yet, and already I’m a bad mother. We’re clearing out my beloved, light-dappled office to make room for a nursery, and I’m feeling a little blue. We remove my small desk with its floating drawers and woody scent, my dome lamp with the pink shade that makes everything rosy in the evenings, and my Japanese porcelain tea set. Dear, quiet little office how I loved thee… Read the rest.

18 thoughts on “Mum in Training

  1. crzylady

    I love that theme! Of Course I’m a big water fan. I have sketches on my 9 months old new room (the walls are light blue) and one wall is underwater with a boat, sunken treasure and a mermaid, and the opposite wall has a big tree, flowers, the Cheshire puss, and the flying ford anglica (from Harry Potter). I hand sketched everything, so we’ll see… once I get colors in tho it might actually be stunning :) Good Luck!

  2. Chrissie

    We were a bit sad when we moved into our house because we had already put a ton of work into making the baby’s room so nice in our apartment… We settled for an outdoor theme, since the room was already pale blue… We got a shaggy green rug for “grass” and a rainbow-colored ceiling fan… When he gets a little older, we will ask for more input… For now, we are just happy to have anything cute… You can’t possibly call yourself a bad parent if you’re willing to put all that effort into decorating a nursery… You’re definitely better than me right now! Best of luck!

  3. Cathy

    What a neat program! I wish we had that before our son was born. One small piece of advice (totally unsolicited, I know, and I apologize) but you might want to move the crib away from the window. You wouldn’t want your seven month old playing with the cords for the blinds or whatever. Of course, if you put the changing table there you’ll just have to deal with that as the baby gets older he/she’ll be playing with that stuff…

  4. jmatthew

    I feel your pain, our little one is due in December and it was my office that is getting converted. However I think we’ll leave our diplomas on the wall as motivation for the children

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  6. r@d@r

    and then again you could always spend months of backbreaking work [i know…months?? we’ve always been busy people, i guess] tearing up carpet, painting, and assembling very expensive baby room furniture…only to have mama decide, in the end, that baby is going to be sleeping with her. and where is daddy going to sleep? that’s right. the couch on the covered front porch.

    oh couch on the front porch, how i loved thee…

  7. Alison Moore Smith

    By the time we had a dedicated nursery for the new baby, I was too darn old and tired to create a theme. Why? Because I was busy making theme rooms for the older five. Jessica: beach; Belinda: forest; Alana: angel; Monica: garden; Samson: jungle. Caleb’s theme ended up being…hm…the crib room. Funny thing was, he didn’t care a bit.

    Best wishes on your new, wonderful life!

  8. Birdy

    My baby was two on Friday and her crib still occupies a small corner in our office/library. I am the horrible mother putting the office before my baby–not you. But I am thinking of giving her a room all to her self now…really.

  9. claudeabgood

    I loved the article, you have a great sence of humor! I find myself laughing out loud when reading your blogs and wondering if my husband thinks that I’m having a nervous breakdown or something!

  10. Kristen

    I think the bubbles on the wall rock. Don’t tell Bryan but clowns are creepy.

    My husband had high ideas and because Ethan was a boy, he won. We ended up with an 10 foot world map on the wall, all nine planets (exact scale from the sun, which puts Pluto down the hall outside the bathroom) and an IKEA Area 51 light that shoots planet and star shaped lights onto the wall. So much for a theme. But the kid is 19 months old and still oohs and aahs every time he goes into his room.

  11. Karen

    I forwarded your entry and the site link to my cousin who, with her husband, is expecting their first child early next April. She said it was doubly appropos as they are also converting their office into a nursery.

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