Overheard: Kids Today

21st September 2006

Scenario: Two older ladies in the hotel lobby discuss their work at a local school.

Lady1: I asked the little girl, where do you think mom is? She says, “I don’t know, probably home with Dad making babies.” Can you believe this!
Lady 2: What are these kids hearing at home?
Lady 1: I know, the filthiest language!
Lady 2: These little boys. One of ’em come up to me and says, “Mrs. Smith, he said the T-word! ” And I say, “You turn around and don’t listen. You walk away when you hear something bad. You know right from wrong.” Meanwhile, I’m thinking, what’s the T-word anyway? I’ve got to do more to keep up.

34 thoughts on “Overheard: Kids Today

  1. Donna

    Minds in the gutter. All of you. Especially you, Miss Tintinnabulation. I’m certain the kids were discussing Tea. The “tea word” surely means the little boy couldn’t think of “trivet”.

  2. Al Kline


    I’ve critiqued your new book, just read it after ordering it from Amazon. It’s got some good and some bad. I hope it helps when you write your next one. Thx

  3. Melanie - Holy Schmidt!

    Don’t worry, Maggie. I made the horrible mistake of asking my 10 year old son what the “T” word was.

    Me: What’s the “T” word?
    Boy: T is for Titty.

    Then he went on to tell me that the boys in class say the “D” word instead of penis when they talk about their privates. WHEN DO THEY DO THAT?

  4. Mo

    Tacos. Not actually spoken purely out of reverence, much like Jewish people often type “G-d.” (Should it have been “tac-s”?)

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