Your Cheering Section

28th September 2006

Evany wrote a very kind post about my book and her love/hate relationship with blogging, which she’s been doing for eleven(!) years. She says:

“…Suddenly it occurs to me, rather unpleasantly, that on the scale of one to cool, I’ve always thought that people who are passionate about what they do (excluding, of course, Burning Man) are 8,000 times cooler than the crabby people who scoff them. And in this situation, I’m totally the scoffer! And I don’t want to be the scoffer.”

6 thoughts on “Your Cheering Section

  1. CrankMama

    She’s a great cheering section… and I love her point about people who are dedicated and focused on something being better than or more admiration worthy than the scoffers. We are, I think, a nation of scoffers… but it’s lovely to read blogs because many of the well-written ones (like yours) get underneath the cynicism to the humor and funny ironies of everyday life.

  2. Lorie

    Thank you for writing this book. I have wanted to take a writing class for so long but cannot afford but I could afford your book so I bought, loved it and started my own writing class. I hope you don’t mind – I am using each idea from your post as the title of my post and then writing outside of my safety zone as an exercise in writing. So far I feel really lame about my writing skills but I hope by the time I reach the 100 mark I will feel confident in my ability to write something mildly entertaining. Pleae check out my site and go to the categorie “Exercises in Wrinting” and let me know if you are okay with what I have done. I don’t want to be a thief of your ideas but they are so challenging to me that I think it is an awesome opportunity to improve my writing skills.
    I guess what I am asking for is your approval to continue. If you are thinking about consulting a lawyer – please email me and I will remove it immediately.

    Thanks again for writing this book! I love it!


  3. Lorie

    See how much I need this? I can’t spell WRITING! I think that should be the big red flag right there! *hanging my head in disgust*

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