Also, She Can Hear Your Thoughts

29th September 2006

Leta is two and a half. She is playing with some colorful stacking round boxes on the deck. She counts them, says their colors, and then begins again. After about fifteen minutes of this, I decide to change things up.

-This blue is actually navy blue, Leego.
-And this is sky blue.
-And this kind of green is… Well… it’s chartreuse.
Blank stare.

We repeat this process two more times, and she’s got it completely. Same game, new colors. Bryan shakes his head and laughs. Later, Jon is making Leta beans and asks what kind of bowl she’d like. She says, “I prefer yellow.”

And it occurs to me that the kid doesn’t like eating much because her parents are obviously putting foul-tasting smart serum in her food.

5 thoughts on “Also, She Can Hear Your Thoughts

  1. Chrissie

    That’s about the age when I told my niece something and she turned around to say, “Actually…” What toddler says that?!? I almost peed myself laughing. What a great age!

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