23 thoughts on “Places in the Neighborhood

  1. wen

    i regularly pass dirtcheapmattresses

    i always think of a lumpy, dirty mattress someone put on the curb.

    there’s also king dong restaurant.

  2. Catharine

    In my neighbourhood there’s the very old and very sketchy Tender Trap restaurant (recently closed/condemned but the sign’s still there). I’ve often wondered about the story behind the proprietor’s choice of name.

    In Tucson, on Oracle Drive, is the No Tell Motel. Not much to wonder about there…

  3. Libby

    Yesterday I drove past “Decent Cleaners”. Well, at least this way it won’t be a surprise when your shirts come back with a button missing and the same stains as before.

  4. Gayla

    All excellent. “Palace of Fine Junk” sounds classy. Around here my faves are: Super Budget Discount Savings and Fullworth.

  5. Nancy

    I can vouch for “House of Stools” (ew, that sounds bad). I’ll always have a place in my heart for two Seattle businesses: “Reasonably Honest Dave’s Used Appliances”, “Verna Beaver’s Designer Coiffures”, the “S&M Market” and one Tacoma restaurant, “Sar’s Chinese Restaurant”.

  6. Caroline

    My favorite local:

    “M.A.M.A. Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic and Thrift Shop”

    I don’t really want to know what they’re thrifting.

  7. carolb

    I take the bus past Poon’s Mechanic Shop. I really should take a picture for proof. They also sell flowers as there’s a funeral parlor right next door. Yup. I’ll take a picture.

  8. liz

    How about “Everyday Ice Cream” on Geary/Stanyan. Its not amazing and delicious and memorable, its just “everyday”.

  9. Shmee

    You may not believe it, but there’s a “‘Lil Stool House” in our city. As if that’s not bad enough, their print ads feature an outhouse. I ask you this: how on earth could two different business’ come up with this name?


  10. Jen

    There is a store called MMM Carpet in Daly City, CA. I always have to blurt this out when driving by:

    Mmmmmmmmm, yummy carpet!

  11. Nancy

    To continue the ‘stool’ theme – the Buckaroo Tavern in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood sold t-shirts emblazoned with, “I rode a stool at the Buckaroo!”

    I am SO channeling my 10 year-old nephew!

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