Broad Summit Details, Day 3

Here are Day One and Day Two, if you’re looking for them. Spoiler alert: Today’s post is sponsor heavy, as our partners made the weekend far cooler than it would have been without them. Thanks, sponsors. You are nice.


Our last day at Broad Summit was a spa day, so we started things off with a yoga session led by Gwen Bell.


Gwen was an attendee who also happens to own a yoga studio in Japan. She said this was the only yoga session she’d ever led where she received applause afterward.


Zicam sponsored our yoga, and their representative Kelly has quite an eye. She knew it was a designy crowd, so she brought the yoga mats, set up the towels and pre-filled water bottles, and made everything look so pretty. I brought the Buddha head from home, and Kelly found a cute place for him. (More about the pretty yoga session over on Design Mom, by the way.)


Throughout the weekend, DDF Skincare asked if they could set up personalized facial consultations for everyone.


They had us fill out forms in advance so they could bring specialized products, and then had an aesthetician go through a skincare regimen for each woman. DDF’s products are really high end, so we all tended to gather around when each girl came back with her bag.


My sister Raina is a masseuse at the Fairmont Mission Sonoma Inn & Day Spa, so she brought along a few co-workers to give massages in the Boon Hotel spa rooms. Lots of the guests had never had massages before. As you might imagine, they were a hit.


Boon catered our breakfasts and lunches for the weekend, and everything was as tasty as it was attractive. They made things really easy for us.


We asked Boon to set out a lunch buffet just before everyone left so girls could enjoy lunch outside or take a boxed lunch along for the drive to the airport.

(Photo by Jenny Lawson.)

With Toyota’s help, all the attendees had access to cars all weekend, so we were able to set up carpools on the way to and from the airport instead of having a million separate vehicles.

(Photo by Jenny Lawson.)

I like to think that everyone felt so pampered that by the time they left, they had more energy than when they arrived. I love these girls. They deserve good stuff.

7 thoughts on “Broad Summit Details, Day 3

  1. Maggie, thank you again and heartily for making the weekend what it was. It was the perfect preparation for these few weeks in Japan at the studio. Maybe next time we can host an event here? Yes, that’d be lovely. Can totally see us rocking the “manga look-alike dress-up party” vibe.


  2. So the details are lovely: it looks pretty, fun, well planned and such. But what I was really interested to hear about was the *ideas.* Ya’ll got a bunch of smart internet savvy women together for the weekend… what did you talk about? What did you dive into? What did you explore? What did you learn?


  3. I agree with Meg. It looks like a beautiful and well-planned weekend, but the word “summit” made me expect more focus on ideas and discussion. Curious to know what was discussed and whether you built in time for specific topics.


  4. I’ve completely enjoyed reading about your Broad Summit Retreat. I have to say I’m envious but think that every woman needs to go on a rad and relaxing trip with other ladies to get pampered 🙂 Looks like you had lots of fun. I also enjoyed seeing how it was planned and all the nice things that were done for the ladies. It really inspired me to plan something wonderful too!


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