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Happy Seventh Anniversary, Bryan Mason!

11th October 2010

Dancing on our wedding day.

So, today is our wedding anniversary, Internet.

Bryan and I have been married lo these seven years, which I hear is very good luck. Right? Right! We’ve been together for nine years, which officially makes us saints. (Especially the me part of us. Trust me. I am the Mother Theresa of married chicks, but with shorter skirts and more tequila.)

Every so often, one of you emails asking about what happened at our wedding — what we wore, where it was, what we ate. You think you’re having trouble finding it on the site. Wrong! You’re sure that if you look hard enough, you’ll find my wedding day shoes and a full list of our readings. Not true!

The truth is, we were married about a year before everyone started sharing details of their weddings publicly. At the time, it was considered a little too personal, unless you happened to have eloped. This is because we are very, very old. (WHAM! Orbitz! What are roller blades? ) So I’ve decided that this week is the wedding tell all.

Are you getting married right now, you sweet young thing? Congratulations! Here’s yet another dose of the giant stash of wedding porn that is the Internet.

Happy anniversary, Bryan R. Mason. You continue to be a very nice young man, and I love you.


28th May 2009

(Image from Bembo’s Zoo, which is also an awesome book).

You may remember my husband, the delightful Bryan Mason? The one who considers his Twitter feed a valuable tool for marital communication? That’s my guy.

Well, as many of you already know, he started a new company called Small Batch Inc., and they’re currently working on a project that will rock your face off. It’s called Typekit. In a nutshell, it will let you choose from a giant library of fonts to use anywhere on your site, without having to render them as images or text files. So, for example, the text you’re reading now could look like this:

Or this:

But you wouldn’t have to save it as an image or Flash file to have it appear. You could just type it in to your blog editor of choice. The W3C has been working for a long time to find a way to display any font across browsers. Now that it’s possible, Typekit will essentially make it affordable for people like you and me. The little people, I mean.

The little people will roll around in the silken, fonty glory of it all!

Go to the Typekit Blog if you want to know more, and visit the Typekit site if you want to get updates or be notified when the service goes live.

Good job, Mr. Mason. I’m off to Twitter about how proud I am of you, and then see how long it takes you to notice. You’re making the Web prettier, and it’s nice to be married to you.

Open Communication

22nd May 2009

A couple weeks ago, Bryan lost his keys, causing much upheaval. They’re the kind of keys you can’t copy, thus leaving us with only one key between us and the sitter. This morning, I saw them sitting on the dresser.

Me: Hey! Where did you find your keys?
Bryan: (slightly annoyed) I told you already.
Me: What? When?
Bryan: Yeah, I already told you this.
Me: No. I’m sure you didn’t. Where did you find them?
Bryan: Remember when I was all, “Me and a bottle of cabernet are besting the toddler?”
Me: What? What are even you talking about? Where did you find them?
Bryan: Didn’t you read my Twitters?
Me: … You mean you told me via your public Twitter? Are you kidding me right now?
Bryan: Yeah, remember I was all, “It only took six days, but I bested…”
Me: No. No. Stop saying things out loud.