Distinguished Gentlemen

11th May 2009

Photo by Peter DaSilva for the New York Times

This is a photo of Bryan and some other guys drinking bourbon in the New York Times. So now he gets to check that off, while I add “shoot tequila for a profile piece in the New Yorker” to my list. Bryan is a constant source of inspiration.

9 thoughts on “Distinguished Gentlemen

  1. jess

    is the one guy in the corner the only one without glasses? as much as this doesn’t bode well for the next generation’s vision, who can reset a man in glasses?

    i’m entertained. i eagerly await your profile piece in the new yorker. bonus points if the caption is “tequila makes her clothes fall off”

  2. Becky

    Awesome! This looks like it was taken just moments before someone wheeled in the giant cake with the woman inside it.

  3. Jessica

    Coolio! You’re totally married to one of the cool kids. But, then, yer purty dang cool yerself!

    P.S. – it’s totally okay if you set me up with a childless man who doesn’t have red hair. Just sayin’.

  4. laura francis

    When I saw this piece this weekend I actually said out loud, very matter-of-factly, “Hey, that’s Mighty Girl’s husband.” When I put the paper down a minute later, my husband was giving me a WTF look. It was then – AND ONLY THEN!!- that I realized how totally ridiculous that sentence must have sounded to his virgin ears. My internet favorites reveal themselves, yet again, to be totally divergent from his. Sigh….

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