Mighty Life List
Jun 28 2012

Objects of Affection: Ana Kraš Bonbon Pendants

Gorgeous, colorful lights handmade by Serbian artist and photographer Ana Kras.

Images by Ana Kras.

Jun 21 2012

Objects of Affection: Rope Works by Doug Johnston

Does anyone else wonder whether Brooklyn artist Doug Johnston literally took Basket Weaving 101?


Shoulder tote

Images via Doug Johnston.

Jan 4 2012


The Obliteration Room by Yayoi Kusama
What happens when you give thousands of kids stickers and tell them to go to town. This makes my heart go boom-ba-boom.

Adobe’s Remake Project
Photographers reinterpret famous paintings. Photos paired with paintings used to be one of my favorite things to post about here.
(via A Cup of Jo)

Jan 5 2011

An Object of Beauty

The best parts of Object of Beauty by Steve Martin:

“Lacey was just as happy alone as with company. When she was lone, she was potential; with others she was realized.”

“… a young man, Jamaican, perhaps, his head circled in a scarf with sunbleached dreadlocks on piled on top, looking like a plate of softshell crabs.”

“He brought the Van Gogh out to the offices, where ambient sunlight would make any flaws in the drawing more visible. He hovered around Lacey’s desk, tilting it this way and that, looking for fading, looking for foxing. Lacey presumed he didn’t notice her, but when he said, “A beautiful thing… a beautiful thing,” Lacey, at her desk, said, “I do my best.”

“Auctions were, and still are, spectator sports, where the contestants are money.”

“Lacey squeezed back into her slot across from [Jonah], with Patrice having to turn sideways to sit down. She seemed genuinely in love with Patrice, and genuinely trying to rekindle Jonah’s fleeting interest of three years ago. Looking back, I think that both behaviors were valid. To her this was natural, to Patrice it was unsettling, to me it was bewildering, and to Tanya Ross, who had matured normally, it was creepy.”


malfeasant – one guilty of malfeasance, an offender
incised – cut into a surface; engraved
prestidigitation – sleight of hand
feint – a movement made in order to deceive an adversary
vitrines – a glass display case or cabinet for works of art, curios, etc.
ovoid – egg shaped
argot – a secret language used by various groups—including, but not limited to, thieves and other criminals—to prevent outsiders from understanding their conversations

Oct 19 2010

The Commission Project

Paul Ferney has a studio downstairs from my office, and I pop in occasionally to chat and see what he’s been working on. Right now he’s working on The Commission Project, a series of 100 portraits commissioned by folks like you and me. They’re only $200 each, which is a steal — above is his painting of Hank from a photo taken by my friend Ryan Carver.

If you’d like a portrait of your kid, or your pet, or your backyard swing set, now’s the time to stake your claim. I have a feeling Paul’s schedule is filling up fast.

Jul 1 2010

Three Things

I’m charmed by Paul Navarone’s animal cutouts. (via bb-blog)

Also, this Storm in a Royal Delft Teacup by John Lumbus, who specializes in mechanical toys and automata. (via Design for Mankind)

Jean of Notcot sent me this trailer for a Fruit Hunters, a film about the book that inspired my goal of tasting 1,000 fruits.

May 20 2010

Elsewhere: Mighty Junior

Art for Kids’ Spaces

The whole family has to look at it, so choose something lovely. These whimsical prints let you revisit childhood without sacrificing your hard-won good taste.