4th January 2012

The Obliteration Room by Yayoi Kusama
What happens when you give thousands of kids stickers and tell them to go to town. This makes my heart go boom-ba-boom.

Adobe’s Remake Project
Photographers reinterpret famous paintings. Photos paired with paintings used to be one of my favorite things to post about here.
(via A Cup of Jo)

7 thoughts on “Transformed

  1. HeatherJ

    I’m taking my two little girls, 2 & 3 and a half, to the sticker exhibition here in Brisbane, Australia at our Gallery of Modern Art in just a few days :).

  2. Justine

    Normally that amount of stickertude would make me twitch with the urge to clean it all up, but I love this. You can just feel the joy those kids had doing this.

  3. Kim

    It’s funny you post this today as I took my 4 year old to this today. She had a great time finding spare spaces for her dots and I enjoyed seeing what other people had done with theirs – secret love hearts inside lamp shades, and obviously some lucky people got more than 1 sheet of stickers and had made little sticker roads and rainbows. Other Brisbane readers, make sure you get downstairs to the Magic land exhibit too!

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