Mix: Simple Present

3rd January 2012

(Crappy video, but the performance gives me chills. I have yet to see K.Flay live, which is dumb because I think she lives like a block from me. Hey, girl.)

The Simple Present Mix is about the calm after upheaval. It’s a more laid-back companion to Yep. Yep. The 2012 Victory Mix. After you listen, I hope you feel well-rested.

Links to individual songs or videos are below. The whole Simple Present Mix is available on Spotify, if you roll that way. It’s also on Rdio, but missing a few tracks. Please pay special attention to Chris Bathgate and K.Flay; they’ve been in heavy rotation.

Losers from The Belle Brigade
My Boys from Taken by Trees
Truth from Alexander
Kids from MGMT
All the Wine from The National
No Duh from K.Flay
Do What’s Easy from Chris Bathgate
The Way I Am from Ingrid Michaelson
Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes from Paul Simon
Drink Deep from Laura Viers and Saltbreakers

What songs remind you that things will be okay? Let us know in comments.

18 thoughts on “Mix: Simple Present

  1. Catherine

    The intro to Bombay Bicycle Club’s ‘Lights Out, Words Gone’ has this magical regularising effect on my heartbeat every time I hear it. Hopeful stuff. Oh, and Stars’ ‘Ageless Beauty’. Living up to its title and then some.

  2. sara

    For various and sundry reasons, these songs calm me and/or cheer me up:

    The Spring Standards’s “Bells and Whistles,” Lion of Ido’s “Day by Day,” Ryan Star’s “Breathe,” Jason Mraz’s “Life is Beautiful,” and Bon Iver’s “Holocene”

    I just decided to start admitting my love for Jason Mraz. -M

  3. laura

    The Rdio version (missing a couple tracks): http://rd.io/x/QFwlL0Qd2g

    Also, half this list is on heavy rotation for me always, including Losers, Truth any and all Graceland track(s) and of course, Mr. Bathgate. Love it!

    Ha! You’re rad. I must have made one of these right after you did. Here’s mine:


    I decided to stop using Rdio because they make it so hard to publish the full playlist. Booo! Thanks for getting my back there though. I’ll try to remember to publish both places from now on.

    Also, shows. Let’s put our calendars together.


  4. Maren

    I have a list like this — “When I Drink” by the Avett Brothers and “Behave” by LAKE are favorites off it. I actually discovered the latter band at a Laura Veirs show in SF a few years ago, and “Drink Deep” is one of my favorite songs!

    Like the LAKE song. Thanks! -M

  5. Molly Chase

    “My Moon My Man” by Feist. It’s not current but it makes me shake my ass a little when I hear it, which reminds me that It Will All Be All Right. It can’t be bad if I’m shaking my ass, right?

    Agreed. Feist is always so good for the ass shaking. -M

  6. Amber

    Oooh, am I the on who introduced you to Chris Bathgate? I hope I did because I love that guy’s music so hard. Hey, let me know if you want a copy of his Oneiro album and also the song Iron Gate Purple Wood. I don’t think you can buy those. (I got them from donating to his Kickstarter awhile back.) (Do you know about Oneiro? He went to Cyprus and wrote/performed live music for an outdoor-staged — like, part of the action was in a lemon grove — “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”?) Anyway. It’s a fantastic album. I’ll totally send you a copy if you want it.

    Actually, it was my friend Laura Gluhanich whose comment is below. We had a living room record party for two and she dragged us to one of his shows a few weeks later. And yes, I totally want a copy, thank you!
    c/o Mighty Media 766 Valencia St. SF, CA 94115

  7. Amber

    And for the song that makes me feel like everything is going to be okay, I am going to go way back and pick TWO songs by Ben Kweller: “In Other Words” and “Falling.” Specifically in “In Other Words” from “What can’t stay goes away” on up and then all of “Falling” because it’s just lovely.

  8. Megan

    Any quiet, slow-swaying, brushes-on-drums version of an old standard, doesn’t matter the lyrics. A particular recording of Nina Simone singing ‘I Loves You Porgy’ shuts off my panic button so effectively that I limit my listening, just to keep the power from wearing off.

    Yes. I love Nina Simone when I’m alone. -M

  9. laura @ in widening circles

    I’m filled up by: “Postcards from Hell” by the Wood Brothers, “Shed a Little Light” by Foy Vance, “My Baba” by Trevor Hall feat. Krishna Das (it’s in heavy rotation in my yoga class so now its full of blissful, deep breathing, light energy) and “Rayando el Sol” by Maná (Maná and I go way, WAY back). Also anything that comes out of Jeff Tweedy’s mouth. Cheers, Maggie!

  10. John LeJeune

    Bummed me out that I’ll have to download a program AND log into Facebook just to listen to you music selections. I like your taste in music a lot but have to opt out of this vehicle. (sad face)


    All the songs on the list link to YouTube versions, which you can listen to just by clicking.


  11. Jane

    Blue Skies by Noah and the Whale. so sad and so hopeful and perfect.

    Love these playlists! Keep them coming!!

  12. Nellie

    Maggie, I LOVE these mixes!
    Thank you for sharing them with us :)

    (PS in addition to sharing your music with us, which is inherently personal, you have given us like twelve versions. you amaze me. thank you!)

  13. Megan

    I’m reminded tonight in a bit of insomnia that Paul Simon’s ‘Let Me Live In Your City’ is soothing. I play it on my iphone next to my ear, and he sings me a personal lullabye.

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